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Both of us love good food so much, but sometimes good food is so expensive and not affordable T..T BUT.. hehe, thanks to groupon, we got the deal for 2 pork rib sets and beverage at the price of RM45 with original price at RM106 ( wuahaha) so for those interested don missed out the next deal ya. 

D'Balcony provides pork and alcoholic beverage over here, so it is a non-halal restaurant. Please take note of it . 

So I dressed up nicely and had a fabulous date with.... pork rib  WL my loved one. It has been a long long time since our last date. 

some comfortable seats in D'Balcony. 
it is located in Publika Block C5, G3, it is a corner shop, just next to Boat Noodle and Morganfield. 

So the dimmed light create a nice environment for people to chit chat after a hectic working hours

There is 3 parts seats available in D'Balcony, all comes with awesome night city view
this is the view of outdoor seats, with shelter. We sat over here becoz we wanna enjoy the chilling night after the rain~ but we scared it will rain again so shelter is preferred haha. 

the indoor seat

look at the beautiful night view after the night washed by rain. It was chilling, refreshing. As the location at the corner, so we got a wide angle of night view of Kuala Lumpur. The mosque looks miserable but also beautiful at the same time isn't it. We can see twin tower and KL tower from here as well. 

the outdoor seats with opened space area
Im too short to get up to the bench =..= 

PS; the staff over here wasnt friendly, they don really provide a good service, which leave a bad impression over here although they really serve good food. 

So here comes the food part, let's see what we got for our dinner that day

Ice lemon tea, just an ordinary one. 
There is alcohol beverage available over here, but quite pricey to me. A glass of alcohol costs about RM 15 

We need to book at least 4 days earlier from the facebook website for our pork rib. And it took about 15 minutes for the pork rib to be served. And, TEDDENG! Finally~

the set comes with a pork rib in 4 ribs, a quarter of corn ( jagung) and french fries. 

It looks smaller than I expected, but the appearance was tempting, same goes to the taste, although we got it at a cheaper price, but it really tasted AWESOME 
this is the first time I tried out pork rib actually, so WL just taught me step by step on how to eat it hehe ( not really a pork lover before, more on vege previously, and this explained why I gained weight this few months wuwuwuw) 

Let's talk about the pork rib
it comes in 4 ribs, and the pork was really soft, it just melted into my mouth and it was juicy enough. Not really oily, and the fat part wasnt that much. I understood that pork rib is the most expensive part for a pork set as it tasted the best. At first I thought i will have a hard time to eat it like what I experienced before, the pork was really hard enough and difficult to be chewed. But this, i don have the problem at all and I can enjoy it on my own, without needing help from WL again hehe. 

the corn and french fries just served in a nice portion so we can full our tummy~ 
not so good to eat so full for dinner right

Typical Y-generation
picture comes first before eat hiak hiak

After the meal, let's enjoy some beautiful night view over here~
dress: midvalley Fashion market
bag: DP 小铺 ( contact Phyllis Lee) 
shoes: Jelly Bunny

and I end my post over here with the beautiful mosque at night~ 
thanks for reading ^^ will try to update more of my food and travel adventure if I got internet supply over here in the middle of jungle muahaha

D' Balcony Bistro and Bar
Lot No. 31, Level G3 Publika,  Block C-5, Solaris Dutamas,  Jalan Dutamas 1,  50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Careline : +6010-265 1784 
Fax : +603-62112 695 
Email : 
Phone : 03- 6211 4549

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