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How much you like about sandwich? how many types of sandwich that you know of? I am a lover of sandwich as well, but too bad I know how to make ham sandwich and egg sandwich only haha. Here, special thanks to Sumo Sandwich for the review invitation, totally change my perception towards sandwich. I don really take sandwich as my lunch or dinner meal becoz I don get the satisfaction of fullness, but Sumo Sandwich comes in a big portion, 7 inch size, with lots of ingredients, make me so full enough haha. 

The close view of soft shell crab sandwich, I know you cant hold ur saliva like me do, dont you haha. Let's look what is so special about Sumo Sandwich 

The outlook of the Sumo Sandwich
newly launched in Feb 2105, still a newbie in food industry, but doing good so far! 
it is located in the East Wing level 2 of Berjaya Times Square, just next to Boat Noodle
the colour is so catchy and attractive enough huh

Don forget to grab picture together with their cute menu
yupp, it is a menu instead of just a normal paper haha. 

with the cute Sumo Mascot outside the shop
Why Sumo? It is a Japanese fusion sandwich, and sumo, which is big in size become their inspiration, to have the bigger size sandwich to fulfil everyone's hungry tummy 

The menu also available on the wall of the shop at the counter, and they only focus on 6 choices, which is good so we don really have the " choice phobia". sometimes it is quite headache to make decision aren't it. So Sumo decided to focus on the 6 available sandwiches first before they move on. 
the sandwiches available are: 
  • soft shell crab with seaweed bun  - RM 15.90 ( signature and highly recommended!) 
  • chicken katsu with multigrain bun - RM 13.90
  • chicken teriyaki with tomato cheese bun - RM 11.90
  • beef teppanyaki with chili bun - RM 12.90
  • Tuna Tamago with bamboo bun - RM 12.90
  • mushrom kakiage with pumpkin bun - RM 11.90
see the highlight point? each type of sandwich comes in special combination of bun and sause! will describe more later ya. 

seats inside the shop and cute sumo as the wallpaper~ 

the seats which can accommodates more people outside the shop 
love the colour combination haha

let's go into their kitchen~ 

so this is the staffs who are preparing the sandwiches of the day for us~ 
their staff are so friendly as well as the crew! we had so much fun time together ( yea, non stop chat for almost 3 hours oh gosh) 

Do you know food can have their makeup as well?? let' see

Live flaming process in front of us to melt the cheddar cheese on top of the sandwich
my mouth melt together with saliva enzymes bla bla as well as my heart when the cheese melted, I just could not resist myself from having them. Luckily my mind still functioning good to stop me Xp

Tadaa ^^ this is how the Tuna Tamago looks likes after the cheese.
actually they had extra topping with ebiko as well BUT i just.... missed it =..=

not enough of make over process? how about this? 

okay so this is the most original view of chicken katsu with multigrain bun 

then they topped it up with mayonise and sesame sauce
** you can request for special sauce or wasabi sauce as well based on your own preference, looks fun with sandwich isnt it
ps: the sesame sauce taste great!

then they flamed it up again to melt the cheddar cheese

and tada! this is the full process on how they make up on a sandwich 
looks hearty and generous in ingredients
Forget about those deep fried oily chicken, we got torced cheddar cheese chicken katsu with vegetables over here. 

and this is how the soft shell crab with seaweed bun looks like before the make up 
Soft shell crab sandwich RM 15.90
soft shell crab + kani + ebiko + torched cheddar cheese
something that you should never ever missed out

looks at this picture, do you feel hungry? 
it don only look good, but taste soooo good as well! 

there is takeaway service as well
quite environment friendly as they use paper bag instead of plastic bags

the sandwich is almost a size of palm after cut into half
so just imagine how big it is actually

So the sandwich is ready to be served! 
now, just buy any sumo and get a cup of green tea/barley tea for only RM1, or a cup of LOL coffee/espresso for just RM 2 
check their facebook page HERE for more info about their set meal! 

The typical Y-generation style

cant wait for it, just look at my hungry face
both of us actually just ate 2 7-inch sandwiches on our own =..= 

have a much closer view on soft shell crab sandwich
Did I mentioned before soft shell crab is one of my favorite all time?? 
it just have a perfect combination with seaweed bun and sesame sauce here. I cant stop my mouth from chewing it. 

our group photos together
special thanks to the crew for such an awesome hospitality ^^ keep it on SUMO
they plan to open up a second branch in future time. So please give them lots of support 

and goodbye ^^
goodbye Kuala Lumpur, going to be posted to jungle next week.
my outfit:
dress:  styleicon boutique ( facebook) 
Bag : DP 小铺 ( facebook) 
shoes : jelly bunny 

 Sumo Sandwich 
02-49-09, 2nd floor east, Berjaya Times Square, No.1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL 
open from 10am-10pm
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