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So, do u wish to explore Singapore from a different angle more than a modern city? and enjoy a tradition breakfast or lunch in ur journey? sick of buses and MRT in ur visit in Singapore? Well there is something new that you might wish to try for~ Cycling in the busy city.. Singapore!! 

Well, my mom get this information via tripadvisor and she wanted to try for it. So she booked for 2, me and her at price of 80 Singapore dolar per person via Let's Go Bike Tour Singapore, the heritage route. Excited huh? me too hehe. Here is the route map of the Let's Go Bike tour, click to enlarge it. **map from Let's Go Bike tour Singapore. it is very convenient as it is a online shop, so u can deal with it via online.  The tour provided is from 8.30am and usually it took 4 hours time, which means end around 12.30pm

Oh ya, if u r lucky enuf, sometime u might get a personal trip~ which means there is no others beside u and ur frens haha. nice to have it becoz the tour guide can give his focus on u 

the route map from Let's Go Bike Tour Singapore. don worry to have a cycling in Singapore, it was quite safe actually, and our tour guide, Victor took good care of us. In fact, most of the route are located in shady area so we can fully immersed ourselves with the relaxing mood in Singapore. It is a carefully-designed cycle route to let the people to enjoy the real Singapore!

So, how to make a booking? just click on their website and make ur reservation. there is a FAQ session u can get ur details there. Their shop located at the Temple street, on top of a foot massage shop. Temple street is actually in Chinatown. From Dhoby Ghaut, change ur route to purple line North-East line and stop at the 2nd station: Chinatown. Then, make a u-turn when come out from the station and u will see a McDonald, turn left follow the McDonald direction, and u wil c their sign or bikes on ur left side. They will send u a complete and detailed information about ur trip after u make ur reservation. Good service, hehe. You have to arrive the spot 15 minutes before the trip, which means u need to reach there at 8.15am. so early departure from hotels is recommended hehe ( i departed from Fragrance hotel in Novena station at 7.45am that day)

So, what are the do and dont for the trip? they will send u tis details too. but there is something that I wish to share about this trip. 
  1. Wear proper and comfortable attire and footwear. this is very important. I wore a singlet ( H&M) and a pants ( pacific) with a pair of shoes from BUM. NO SKIRT!  
  2. Apply sunblock. Gosh tis is very important coz the Sun was very very hot in the afternoon. even i apply a lot of sunblock, i still look tanned after that. 
  3. Bring ur sunglasses and hat along if ur eyes are sensitive, as a protection. But they will provide a bike helmet for the tour
  4. Bring extra water bottle. The tour will provide a bottle of water but tis is not enuf for those sweat easily. Singapore is a tropical area, so make sure u don get dehydrated or heatstroke. Oh ya, if u r a spongebob ( sweat a lot), plz bring along a small towel
  5. Bring ur camera =)) The camera i mean is a small and portable camera. don bring a heavy bumpy DSLR or Ipad, make ur bag as light as possible. My shoulders were so pain after the tour ( trapezius muscle haha). I need yoko-yoko >..<
  6. Have a light breakfast before the trip. although ya the breakfast is included in the trip, but better have some first to prevent hypoglycemia. hehe
  1. Don't wear make up for the trip. i swear u will become panda if u do so. 
  2. No slippers and heels. for ur safety this is totally prohibited. Girls, if u could not survive without make up and heels or skirts, sorry tis trip is not suitable for u
  3. Don't take heavy meal or drink alcohol before the trip ( a day before for the alcohol). 
  4. Don't bring a big amount of cash to go for the trip. unless u wish to be robbed by others although i understand that Singapore is a very safe country but don risk ur life for it. 

So finish the do and don't, let's start the journey! ( for more info about do and don't, plz refer to the website hehe)

Me myself along the journey, leave my footprint everywhere. ( well my evil frens said mine was not foot but paws, emo lor) of coz la, if u r not so pro enuf or seldom cycle like me, better to take photos when we are stop/static hehe. You can pass ur camera to the tour guide or we called captain to take photos for u

With mummy in front of the shop in the temple street before we started the journey. They used fold able bicycle so it is easy to keep and manage. And one important thing, check ur bike before u start ur journey.  

Bike photo in the chinatown~ 

Our first stop in the city~ speaker corner and the park royal hotel as the background. 

Then we came to a bridge and enjoy the view of the Singapore River~

The colourful police station ( now it is a art museum) opposite the bridge. colourful windows, cute hehe

lai lai lai let's cycle together~ 

another statue along the road, about how the people run their business in old Singapore. 

Another bridge. behind it is Fullerton hotel, which was a post office before they changed it into a hotel. Creative huh. This bridge is only available for pedestrians hehe

Another museum~ 

The scene in the Esplanade park~ shady and green. most of our route looked like tis. We passed thru some underground park link and we had to stop our bike and walk for safety. this tour they followed all the rules and legislation of Singapore, good! 

had a stop by at Marina bay, in front of the "Durian" Esplanade Theater.  from here u can view the Marina Sand Bay hotel and also the lotus ( artscience museum)

Guess wat is this? it is Singapore World War 2 Memorial Park. it looks like a chopstick, and tis is its nickname from the local. the four pillars symbolise the 4 ethnics in the world war 2~ the chinese, malay, indian and whites ( or other races) 

Below the memorial park was the link mall between City Hall mrt station and the Esplanade mrt station. 

Bike in front of the oldest hotel in Singapore~ Raffles Hotel

And here we had a stop to have our breakfast, hungry!!! very typical 南洋风 in tis kopitiam 

Me and mummy ordered for the bee hoon~ not bad the taste, the bee hoon very Q hehe. it looks special to the foreigner, but for SEA ppl, it is our normal breakfast hehe

And kaya bun! yummy yummy. the most famous kaya bun is from 阿坤restaurant ( kopitiam is more suitable). must try when visit to Singapore

The ingredient of the kaya bun~ 

After our breakfast and had a nice rest, we continued our journey in the city area. crossed the road, cycled with the pedestrian, woohoo nice haha. 

picture with the street view

The church~ 

Robinson quay~ tis place is quite as it is less crowded compared to Clarke quay. 

Tiong bahru residential area~ here u can c the four storey apartment from British colonials, and the new apartment from the Singapore government around 20-40 storey high. well planned city~

Well, Tiong Bahru was our last station for the tour, and then we cycled back to Temple Street. we finished our journey around 12.30pm. Thanks to Victor, the tour guide and Ben, the local Singaporean for the trip. It was really awesome for me! try it out if u visit Singapore, u shouldn't miss the chance to enjoy the tour~ 
Thanks to Let's Go Bike Singapore for it =)) It gives me a chance to view Singapore from another angle more than a busy city~ 

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