Epic~ Nature vs Love from Father

Watched Epic today and it was really a great movie!! Better than FF6 for me coz im a cartoon lover hehe~ Actually i wanna watch it on Tuesday but my frens bought the wrong tickets. but nvm, we watched it today and I really wanna recommend tis movie to everyone. It is suitable for a family, and I did get some moral values from this movie: Balance of ecosystem, Love from a Father, Teamwork

What makes me touching is the Love from a Father, no matter how bad u treat ur father, he will stil love you like he always do, becoz he is ur father. haha dunno y i had a deep emotion in this topic, maybe just because my dad bought me a meal from Sunway Pyramid and help me to carry my stuff back to Penang this evening. He is the best man in the world for me ^^ As the Chinese always said: 你的身边永远都有一个最好的男人,可惜那男人已经娶了你妈妈。 hahaha super agree!!

Had a short preview on this movie first^^ honestly I didnt watched the trailer before I went into the cinema today so I actually had no idea at all what this movie is talking about. And i don even know that my favorite idol Beyonce took part in this movie too!!Trust me you wont regret to have this movie, especially you are someone like me ( cartoon lover) and just finished ur stressful bloody exam hehe. rated 8.5/10 for this movie

The poster of the movie~ 

So what this movie is all about? it was a story among the leafman and Boggans, when the leafmen protect the forest and the Boggans destroyed the forest. The queen of the leafman, Queen Tara was a lovely lady who protect the jungle with her life and she sacrifice in the movie T...T the head of the Boggans, Mandrake was the most evil ppl in the movie, who loves to live in the dark and rotten. Forgot to mention, they are all tiny human soldiers. 

On the other hand, there is a human named Mary Katherine (MK) came into the house in the forest to find her dad who was obsessed in searching for tiny human soldiers and prove for their existence in the jungle. while MK treated her father as someone nonsense with hallucination. then one day, she decided to run away from her father, and accidentally her doggie, Ozzy ran out too and she had to search for him in the jungle. guess wat? she met the Queen Tara who was shot by the Boggans and dying, with the royal pod on her hand and asked her to pass to Nim. And that is how her journey and the story begin, she knew that her dad was not having any hallucination, in fact he was discovering something big !!

MK met with the Leafmen leader, Ronin and a trouble maker~Nod. which she need to protect the pod along the way from Boggans. It was really funny when she found out that she was actually shrunk but still fool around with the mouse, which she nearly ate by the mouse haha. but what makes me laughed non stop was the slug~Mub and the snail~Grub. They had fatty belly and they are super.....DISGUSTING XDD 

The overall photo of the movie~ the fat slug and the slim snail got my attention in the movie~ especially when the snail always dreamed to become one of the Leafmen and he did a lot of funny thing to make him looks "qualified". U cant stop laughing when they are playing around with their eyes~ like a pendulum hahaha. The yellow caterpillar was Nim, the sejarahwan in the movie. 

The movie comes to the climax when the leader of the Boggans, Mandrake lost his only son and gone crazy, attacks all the jungle and make them rotten. He grabbed away the pod and try to make it bloom under darkness so he can conquer the forest. Luckily, it was stopped by Nod and MK and save the forest. Thanks to Mk's father, they chase away the bat and prevent the pod from blooming under the darkness. They found the pods with Mub and Grub by their sticky moist....body fluid? OMG it was really funny about how Nod and MK escaped from the rotten tree by hanging upside down, grabbing Mub and Grub's eye while they are shouting for pain XDD

The father of MK, MK thought her father was a crazy scientist but instead he wasnt. He lose his job, his marriage just to prove the existence of the tiny human soldier. he was called as "stomper" by Nod and Ronin. He never gives up on what he really put his passion in, but he could give up everything important in his world for his daughter. touching

and don forget Ozzy! the 3 leg dog in the movie which is very funny and cute like Mub and Grub!! haha

overall, this movie really brings a lot of fun and relax to me. Watch it when u are free!! good night world

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