Mengkuang dam~ u go for it, and u will like it

Just finish my bloody SAQ today!! wow so happy haha, a very big relieve for me after i finish this paper today. hope that I can get pass la, cukup makan for me adi =p. So since i do not plan to study today ( too tired as i slept only 3 hours ++ yesterday just for a set of notes that do not come out in question today WTH), so i decide to do some blogging!! hehe

So as i mentioned before, I went to Mengkuang Dam last week with my boy =)) Mengkuang dam, also named as Tasik Mengkuang, is one of the most beautiful water dam in Penang, located in Bukit Mertajam, which provide the water supply to the Seberang Perai area. I used to go there for a jogging with my parents when i was small, but now seldom adi becoz im so lazy =p. I thought it was closed down for construction for 2 years ago, but surprisingly i found that it still open to public as the construction site does not affect the jogging track. So i just asked my boy to go there with me, took some pictures with the natural. Good news for Penang Lang coz it is really an awesome place to have a jogging in the evening or in early morning beside Bukit Tekun, around 15 minutes away. 

So after a lunch in Tao cuisine ( RM49 for lunch buffet, so damn worth for it) and buy a bonanza bread ( it is very vital and essential to bring to Mengkuang dam, but not for eating haha), so we just drove to the mengkuang dam along the Jalan Berapit. the gps was so lame that it could not detect the exact location for Mengkuang dam so i just use google map instead. We reached there around 5.30pm and it was still very hot.  
Suggested time to go Mengkuang dam: 7am-8am or 6pm-7pm
dont go there until too late coz u will be attacked by dozens of mosquitoes army 

So, what you can do in Mengkuang dam? a lot!! go there and just have fun, no need to worry about money coz it is open to public for free!! thanks to our beloved Penang government. Here are some list of what you can do in the mengkuang dam:
  1. jogging, definitely an ideal place as the dam has 2 jogging track, the bridge and the jungle track. 
  2. playing badminton~ lol i saw a lot of ppl play badminton but play it outdoor? haha im not so sure
  3. taichi and qigong~ there are elderly group for taichi in the morning session ( last time when i went there la hehe)
  4. picnic! suitable for a family day program
  5. cycling, can bring ur scooter and bicycle there coz the bridge track is wide enuf for u to have fun with it
  6. feed fish. hehe my favorite thing to spend my time in the mengkuang dam. that is y i bought bread bonanza hehe. 
  7. have a photographing session. it was a hot place for wedding photoshoot, and my frens had a set of teen photosession in the dam and the outcome was really awesome. so dont forget to bring ur camera or DSLR for it ^^

a scene in the dam~

scene 2

jogging track to the jungle track along the way~

beside the lake hehe

a scene of the lake

a loving couple had their dating under the tree like me haha

went there with a handsome =)) lo he kept on complaining on sweating that day, haha

a scene from the shelter on a hill. nice resting point to have a rest after jogging or have ur picnic there

scene from the shelter~ jungle in the late evening

and we walked to the jungle track becoz the bridge track was so hot and steven could not tolerate with it at all. but we didnt finish la coz we need to go back for dinner

the construction site. the government is going to expand the dam to increase the maximum water capacity to afford the water usage in Penang. Penang use a lot of water and our state government is finding a solution to decrease the usage to create a real green environment. ( the no plastic and bring ur own lunch box program, anti-polystyrene program are those successful program launched by CAT government in Penang, now u see less rubbish around =)) 

scene 3 of the junction of the track

then we went the the lakeside again to feed the fish. just a plain bread will bring the fun to you. 

saw the fishes? it was so crowded!! of coz la since there is no predators in the lake that will harm their life haha. sometimes got birds lo. FYI, swimming and fishing are strictly prohibited in Mengkuang dam, u will a saman if u do that. haha protect our water source supply

a close look on the fishes~

scene 4 from the lake side =)

scene 5 of the lake side~

we went back to Butterworth around 7pm for dinner. and the day still very young and it is really a lot of people there. Healthy lifestyle what haha. 

Here are some suggestion for the plan if you wish to have a tour in Mengkuang dam 
  • if you are going there in the early morning ( as early as 7am is recommended), you may have ur breakfast in the BM Sentosa Hawker stall BM sentosa food for local food such as char kuey teow, hokkien mee and roti canai ( love it), or the 大山脚点心城 if you prefer for dimsum
  • u may have a visit to St.Anne church after lunch or the dam visit, have a sincere pray to the Mother of God for blessing~ i am a catholic and i am from St.Anne church, going for the festival this year again hehe
  • Teenagers who love shopping, BM Jusco Aeon is just few minutes away, but I don think i will go for it, feel so sticky to have a shopping after sweating exercise haha.
  • feel not satisfied with the exercise? can have another round of exercise in Ceruk Tekun/Tukun. got a small waterfall with a pool there leh. it is a hill and it was really exhausting. Chalet accommodation is provided if you wish to have a stay with the natural. If i can find the photos then i will write another story about this place. it just a few miles away from the St.Anne church
  • Going for lunch/dinner? then you should never miss out the famous restaurant in BM~ look yuan 乐园, and here is the link: look yuan. they are using PDA for the food ordering and provide a very good service to the customers with very reasonable price and tasty food. i love the 马来风光,娘惹炊鱼,招牌豆腐 and 炸虾球 in the restaurant. 
Haha basically i already intro about all fun places in Bukit Mertajam. oh yeah another fun place in BM will be Juru Autocity!! haha although im not from BM but i really like tis place. good day! and fingercross for my exam. I wish i can pass and have fun after all haha

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