Bad Girl Lee Hyori!

I love this quote~ what for being a good girl if u kept on get hurt just because ppl think that u r sweet? be tough, be mean, be bad to protect urself from others is always the best way instead of finding protection from others. Never count on others coz you will never know when they will betray u and give you a big back stab. cruel right? reality. so, bad girl is coming back and she is......
Lee Hyori!!!

she is back, and now, she is even.... bad XDD

OMG seriously I love tis MV so much, it was so dam super cute and really reflect a life of a bad girl. and here is the link for the live show:
Lee hyori bad girl live. well you can see the dance movement is really difficult and awesome, I wish to learn this dance so much to get rid of the belly from my fatty stomach muahaha. wonder if will i get a hip injury for this? the movements are so aggressive and sexy, with heels summore. haha

a little description of the story plot of the Bad Girl MV. long awaiting come back for Lee Hyori since ,her last album~ H-logic. but that album wasnt really nice coz the music composer cheat on Lee Hyori and he copy and steal some of the rhythm of the songs. Nearly ruined her name! but luckily she proved that she is strong enuf than others to take back her territory. 

Lee Hyori you are bad enuf to get my heart! unnie unnie please come to Malaysia for a concert! Lee Hyori rock haha

This little cute girl is the main actress in the MV as a little Hyori~ Omg her eyebrow is really cute enuf! cute hyori, wonder if unnie was like this before? haha

Another song from Lee Hyori unnie new album~ Miss Korea. but i cant find this live performance, they said it was a really good performance leh i wanna watch

Her previous album~ the H-logic. I forgot the released year, but I think i wait for 2 years for her comeback? 
here is the link for the MV
that time she was like an asian Lady Gaga? lol i don really like it, i like the real and natural Hyori unnie. the song is not bad but unfortunately the song composer was not honest enuf to show his work and effort. 

A scene from the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang mv, they shot it in the middle of the road. rock!!! haha 

Beside Lee Hyori, another of my favorite solo singer, another queen of kpop will be?
Omg i so damn damn like her, she got awesome dance and awesome songs. and she is onli 20++ debuted for 10 years adi during her last last album Hurricane Venus ( as an anniversary celebration)
here are the list of my favorite MV of Boa =))
  1. from album Hurricane Venus: boa hurricane venusboa gameBoa copy and paste
  2. album ONLY ONE: Boa only oneboa the shadow
  3. miscellaneous: boa disturbanceboa eat you up
  4. and of coz my favorite live performance show: Boa SBS gayo game and hurricane venus 
Boa from Hurricane Venus~ 霸气御姐!lol i think i wrote about Hurricane venus before haha
Boa only one album~ nice and sweet song hehe. If you ask me between Lee Hyori and Boa, which one i like more? arrrr very hard to choose leh coz i love both of them!

And who is my favorite Kpop solo male singer? ya u guess it right it is 
He is coming to Malaysia for a concert but I didnt buy the ticket. lol i think i have cerebral palsy adi y din i get the ticket?? i wanna watch his performace so much! 

Why so serious oh? not handsome, not 6 packs but talented! better than a chinese singer who always show off lo. G-dragon is much more better hehe

Cute G-dragon hehe

And guess who is my favorite girls group overall? 
Always SNSD, forever SNSD hehehe. i kinda outdated recently about Kpop coz i was so busy with my research and my study. huhu not as crazy as matric adi.  but SNSD just recently release the new japanese single~ Love and Girls, and we were glad that the MV this time is totally out of box and the girls really enjoyed the shooting alot. check out with Taenggu instagram hehe

with the link:

and last, my recent favorite solo singer~ Lee Hi from YG entertainment. love her songs such as Rose, It's Over, 1234. talented girl with a puffy cute look haha. BTW CL is going to have a new song ( solo ) during 28 May, which is the day i finish my exam. so excited haha

That is all for my Kpop favorite with the topic originally for Lee Hyori hahaha. my favorite western singer will be Taylor Swift =)) still wondering y all my favorite singers are female? muahahaha i also dunno 

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