Mashed Potato~How to survive in Hostel part 2

Hehe i love cooking during my hostel life, coz I will satisfied when Im eating something I cook and I think it is healthier compared to Cafe food, so salty and oily wonder how much aginamoto they put into the food. Make me alopecia nia, actually i ate too much maggie mee lor haha

So now I would like to share about some simple tips to make a healthy lunch/diet besides spaghetti hehe. Mashed potato is more complicated and more time consuming la, so make sure that time is ample to prepare for it. Usually I took around an hour to prepare for a meal like this =))
Here are the 8 simple steps, sounds easy but if we miss any of the steps the meal will be awful >m< experience from my first failure in making this meal haha

1. Ingredient preparation. 
  • 2 big potato ( i bought for Horland potato and 2 is enuf to make a meal, don buy sweet potato, it was something totally different from potato lo)
  • salt
  • cheese ( 1-2 pieces)
  • side ingredients that based on self preference. such as sausages, crab meat, fish/lobster ball, mushroom and broccoli. 

2. chop all ur ingredients into pieces like this. for the potato, chop it into as small as possible so it soft faster. don chop the crab meat as it was soft and may split out when cooked ( never buy giant brand tesco brand fp brand crab meat anymore it taste awful.) lesson: never be stingy on ingredients

3. these are the equipment i used. the pot I bought from pasar and it was nice enuf. Coz it less electrical consuming, boiled fast within 4 minutes, and has a layer of heat insulater with ceramic so we wont injured when we are cooking. the price was around RM90 if not mistaken. 

4. pour all the ingredients into the pot and started cooking until it boiled. add the water until above the ingredient level to prevent from overheat of the pot. 

5. Cook the potato for around 30 minutes. when the water boiled remember to take out the crab meat. Something I love this pot is that it got an automatic temperature sensor, which it will cut off the electric when the pot is heat enuf and that is y it is less electric consuming ( it wasnt cook continuously after boiling for 5 mins and started to keep warm, smart right)

6. Took out all the side ingredients, and start to mash potato with a big senduk ( i have no idea what it called in english)

7. Then mashed the potato nicely with a fork and add the cheese in between. put it into a microwave heat tupperware. don put it into plastic unless u wish to be toxic later haha  

8. Then, put the side ingredients on top of the potatoes and add another slices of cheese if u are cheese lover. steam it in the pot for around 15 minutes to let the cheese melt into the potato.

And last, decorated ur mashed potato nicely with the side ingredients. haha this was the previous one i did for my boyfren, the current one was just for eat but not for display. cute right? smiling face hehe

**there is a tips for the cooking of broccoli, cook the broccoli separately, boiled it in the plain water with some oil ( cooking oil) to make it look greenish. easy right?

so these are some of my food that make me survive in K17 cafe @.@ I cooked chicken rice before, will upload the technique when i cooked it next time. Im not a good cook but a lazy cook, that is y i write my food are for survive instead of some cooking like curry, fried chicken coz it was more complicated. enjoy =)

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