Shabu-Shabu Sunway Pyramid

I promise myself for a great meal after my professional exam, and i decided to make it on today after my sunway lagoon trip. It is really a big headache problem when it comes to " What am I going to eat for today". after much consideration, Me, sien and yen decided to go for 798 Shabu-Shabu which we wished to try it out since long long time ago. The shabu-shabu in Sunway Pyramid is located in the end of the orange atrium, just opposite the celcom blue. 

The Shabu-shabu provide buffet style lunch at Rm29.90+ and buffet dinner at RM39.90++. Quite reasonable compared to Seri kembangan shabu-shabu house which cost us around RM50 per person. I like the surrounding coz it was harmony and conducive enuf to have ur meal here.  

The dining area of the Shabu-Shabu 798. each of us owned one plate. **the shabu shabu in Seri Kembangan is a belt style while tis is the buffet style

each of us have a pot with mini electronic induction cooker. I choose for clear soup with pork bone. there are 4 types of soup provided: clear soup, miso soup, herbal soup and tomyam soup. the captain there told me that miso soup was quite 重口味. free refill is available. 

the herbal soup from sien and yen. 

the free flow of meat provided, 5 types of meats are provided: chicken, lamb, cow, fish and pork. since all of us seldom eat cow so we just pick for 4 =)) the meat not bad la ( i seldom eat meat recently so i have no comment). but basically 4 plates are just nice for 3 ppl

The buffet section~ the sausages, tauhu and fishballs. And don forget the noodles!! but it is really a waste if u eat noodle for shabu-shabu, seriously not worth 

another part of the buffet section. a lot of food right? not bad lo i like it very much hehe. There are so many choices of mushroom ahhaha my favorite for steamboat =))

The ingredients that I picked for my first round. I ate 2 rounds ok i admit that im an alligator 

Took a selca with my housemate sien =)) 
The food quality in shabu-shabu not bad, rated 7/10. at least they do provide fresh ingredients and their service is very good. 

Me with the vanilla ice cream for dessert. They provide free flow of ice cream and drinks for the buffet. the drinks available are lime water, lemon water, liong cha and 马蹄路水, while the ice cream choices was quite limited for vanilla and coconut flavor. hmm they should make some improvement and add more flavors 

Yen with her vanilla ice cream too =))

Sien with her coconut ice cream ad watermelon. oh yeah fruits was provided in the buffet too!! 

and at last, a photo together with the 798 Shabu-Shabu =))

In total we spent 2 hours in Shabu-Shabu and spent around RM131 for dinner. haha we seldom eat nice food, so we just make it this time as a reward for our hard work in Professional exam paper. really had an enjoyable day today =))

**shall blog about my sunway lagoon trip tomoro, what a tiring and crazy day with the girls with all the splashing and shouting. haha gonna edit those photos before i blog hehe

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