Fast and Furious 6

First of all i would like to say that i don owned these pictures, I got them via google search~ =))

So what is so important today? yeah my FREEDOM day, long awaiting freedom leh haha. finally it is here. it just like a dream for me when i finished my last paper in the evening today, I was like OMG it is over muahaha. then me and my frens decided for a hang out yesterday and we went to Balakong Cheras Selatan Jusco to watch a movie. So what is the hottest movie recently? 
Fast and Furious 6

well honestly in the beginning I had a hard time to understand the story line becoz i didnt watched FF 1-5, and my boyfren kept on recommending me this movie so I watched it. Good movie, rated 7/10 for me ( coz I always prefer for cartoon, childish right lol but who cares). A lot of car racing scene, fighting scene ( a bit too violent for me) but so far so good, quite enjoy the movie, coz we kept on making fun of some scene n movie. especially Hobbs ( he acted as Stone in G.I.Joe and that time his muscle was bulky enuf, now even more hypertrophy)

So, what are the interesting plot in FF6?

the overall character in the FF6, still got Dom, Hodds, and Brian, with the female character Letty, Giselle and Riley. Of coz, every movie has a bad character, and this character is Owen Shaw, worked together with  Braga ( a very bad and evil guy in the jail)

Ok so this is how the story start, an attack was happened in somewhere involved the Russian Military, and Hodds was in charge for the investigation with Riley, and he seek for help from Dom and his crew who retired all over the world. Dom was having sweet time with Elena in somewhere woohoo~ while Brian was having his nice time with his wife Mia ( sister of Dom) and their son Jack. Giselle was with Han in Hong Kong and enjoying their retired life. then becoz of one photo they decided to unite and 重出江湖, becoz Hodds found a picture of Letty ( died in last series I didnt watched so im not sure)

But unfortunately Letty was having amnesia ( loss of memory) and she was working with Shaw the evil guy. so this movie is about bring Letty back to the family and how they stop the terrorist activity through speed and mind. Actually until now im not so sure what are they stopping for haha, something like a chip in the tank? Forgive me as I was not really paying attention to the movie coz im laughing X..X

What makes me surprise in the movie? I found that Letty was very familiar to me but I couldn't remember her. I knew that Hodds was starring in G.I.Joe, which i watched it last month. Then in the middle of the movie i remembered who she is, the girl who drove the helicopter, actually the capten in Avatar!! OMG how could i forget her. And Giselle was really stunning in the movie, too bad she died just like that at the end of the story ( didnt even mentioned how she died ) while her boyfren Han died in an accident ( not really accident, being bang by someone in a Tokyo car race)

the girl in the middle is Giselle, followed by Dom and Brian. ok lar Brian is quite handsome d, but maybe this movie too many muscular men adi make me feel like errrrr

Personally, I think I would enjoyed the movie much if the men in the movie was not too bulky and muscular in size. they just like HULK in the movie. paisei I cant really appreciate the meaning of gym, my bad. I was thinking is there any possibility for rhabdomysarcoma indeed, ok i studied too much during my study week. But something I was very curious on is the tattoo on Hodds, does it changed its pattern according to the muscle size? how will it look like if one day the muscle is loose? become wrinkle? don smash me i just curious XP 

For the girls, Letty was perfectly ok, not very sexy like Megan Fox or the black widow in the American avenger. becoz i think Giselle and Vegh were a bit anorexic to me. they were just too skinny! Riley ar still ok lo coz she seldom show off her body figure i have no comment on it. but her boobs quite big la i admit XD

The cars in the movie. actually got more sport cars like Ferrari? not very sure coz I have zero knowledge about car. I drove onli Viva, small and easy enuf for parking =..= but in this movie it was really like a sport car show, really awesome. 

but if for me i wont buy a sport car in Malaysia even if i got money, cannot speeding pun, will kena saman by AES ( don play play very expensive one). most important is, the road surface in Malaysia is totally not suitable for car racing, berlubang-lubang d. summore the high accident rate, i don even dare to drive more than 100km/h on the road, so dangerous ( that is y i wonder how they took the shoot? Do they really drive? if so really pro leh)

The scene Shaw drove the tank out was really epic. He just killed dozens of ppl and destryed a lot of cars by using the tank. So cruel. Imagine there is a tank beside u on the road, I think i will have a panic attack. But the scene Dom just saved Letty without a second thought was really touching enuf

From this movie, Dom loved Letty so much until he could sacrifice anything just to get back Letty to the family. He knew every single scar on her body so much. unlike my boyfren, ishhh he likes to count how many pimples do i have on my face and started criticize on me. it is nice if u met a guy who can do anything for u, and know everything about u ( sounds no privacy?? hmmmm XP)

N some funny thing about FF6:
The second last scene after Shaw had a jail break from the military and tried to escape into a cargo plane ( yeah his plane) . Y the runway so long ha?  huhu Giselle died on this runway just to save Han T..T 

**I found out that the way Dom and Letty speak was like Alice in the " Resident Evil", low pitch and magnetic. 

Not so sure whether can open this link or not. the latest trailer of FF7 was released! I cant stop laughing when I saw this trailer, it was soooooo cute haha.
FF7 trailer

As a conclusion, worth to watch for it even though u have no idea what the heck is happening in the front haha. One of the recommended movie during this summore =)) gonna watch and wait for lots of movie more, i saw the trailer for Monster University! hehe one of my favorite cartoon.
**I wanna watch for Pirates of Carribean 5 but it written there it will be released in 2015 T..T har need to wait for sooooo long??? hehe big fan for movie series such as Pirates of Carribean, Ice Age and Madagascar. OK im a big fan of cartoon in fact XD

Enjoy weekend and good night!! waiting for my Sunway trip tomoro and Colmar Tropicale in this weekend ^^ hehe
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