I love my country~ Malaysia~ a country without RACIST

I live in a beautiful country, and her name is Malaysia. I love Malaysia, and I love my state~ Penang also. Im so proud to be a Malaysian and also a Penang lang, although the general election is so dirty until my country cant claim the real Democracy, I still love her. 

I prayed hard last week, Dear Lord, plz bless my country with a clean and fair election, to pray for a good leader to lead my country towards a better future in GE 13. and what happen? Lord didnt hear me, maybe temporary. It doesnt matter who is the winner for this general election, but the problem is, why you cant win it with a clean and fair one? blackout? lol what a magicland 

It is fine if you just win, we don care. but y u blame us my leader? why you put the blame on us when it is actually a sign from the ppl to you that you need to make some improvement to save your reputation? I cant really understand when you said that the failure to get back Selangor and Penang was due to Chinese Tsunami, as MCA lost most of the seats and just retain 7 seats for parliament out of 50+ seats. even some of the ministers from MCA was defeated by a fresh candidate from the opposition. Worst by the ex CM of Malacca, blaming his lost was due to Chinese did not appreciate what he had done in Malacca and he felt very disappointed towards the attitude of Chinese. OK undoubted that 80% of the Chinese voted for the opposition in this election, especially those youngsters. and we really give a big slap to MCA and Gerakan who did not performed well during this 5 years duration to the people. But, is this enuf to make u lost? sorry to say that Chinese population among the candidates was only around 20%, is these 20% of votes big enuf to make a politic tsunami?? 

Why be racist when you are introducing 1 Malaysia? what is the point for the 1 Malaysia slogan when you came out with such a racist slogan? if the people are not rational enuf, there might be another round of 513 tragedy again anytime. We should be proud to have a multiracial society, where we can speak the 3 major language fluently for daily communication~ English, Malay and Chinese, and this make us unique with the Rojak language. it is actually an identity to us as a Malaysian, so y be racist? especially some ppl from some party with some very offensive words used, mentioning that the Chinese in Malaysia were just penumpang, and kept on ask the Chinese to go back to China. Hey plz im the 4th generation of Chinese living in Malaysia, and im a Malaysian. Y should i go back to China when you recognise Bangla as a new ethnic in Malaysia community?

If racist can save Malaysia from bankrupt, then do it. If cannot, then fuck off racist. Racist is a very serious matter which will weaken the unity bond. I have a lot of frens from different races, got malay, indians, ibans etc. And i still remember my time in matriculation where i ate together with my malay frens, taught them how to solve math problem and spoke in Mandarin. I hate racist ppl, which always treat us differently and unfairly. 
I love this picture, we are Malaysian. and that is the only races, only identity that we should have for it 

feel so touched when saw this banner hold by different races of ppl. Salute to the warriors fighting for a clean election and fight for democracy in Stadium Kelana Jaya yesterday.  

A news from the most racist, brainless (脑残)newspaper after a day of the election, correspond to the speech from PM regarding to Chinese Tsunami~ with a title "apa cina mau?"
if honestly, cina mau utusan Malaysia hilang daripada dunia forever, and all the journalists, editors and reporters from this newspaper DIPECAT!! yes im using Rojak language so wat. but before this happen, our wish is just very simple. Cina mau sebuah negara yang aman damai dan seorang pemimpin negara yang berkaliber, jauhkan diri daripada rasuah dan mendapat layanan yang sama antara bangsa. a very simple wish which cant be fulfilled by the government nowadays.... 

a rally in Stadium Kelana Jaya yesterday by the opposition, oppss should be Rakyat Malaysia. more than 20k of ppl was attending included some Malaysian artists from overseas. 
to tolak penipuan, we want fair and justice!!

and again, a news from the brainless Utusan Malaysia saying that only 2000 ppl were attending for the rally. poor mathematics, mourn to their brain.... haiz.......

and at last, you will understand if you are a Malaysian~ XDDD

I love my country~ Malaysia, may the Lord bless my country with peace and harmony, with a good leader to bring us to a better future, and free from corruption~

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