Sunway Lagoon excitement with Vuvuzela

So here we are~ Sunway Lagoon with student buy 1 free 1 promotion!! the sunway lagoon offer for buy 1 free 1 promotion with student card presented as they are having their 20th anniversary. so in total 6 of us went for the party, and we just need to pay for RM60 each~ 
**for normal days without promotion, RM120 for foreigners, RM60 with Mykad. visit sunway lagoon website for more info

We went there around 11am via taxi from our campus, and met my frens in front of sunway lagoon. there was really a lot of ppl!! students were having their school holiday. After the long queue finally all of us got our wrist band and get into the sunway lagoon. here are some of the info that u need to know if u want to go to the Sunway Lagoon:
  1. RM10 is charged as the deposit for the wrist band ( claimed ur money before 7pm). if u lost it, hehe u r going to pay for RM50. it is waterproof so don worry
  2. Get ur locker in the Zulu Walk area. RM15 for a normal size locker and RM30 for a luggage size locker. We rent for a normal size and a luggage size since there were 6 of us. the lockers can open for multiple time. and it is really convenient for us as the locker room is just beside the toilet and shower room, and the subway and marrybrown just opposite us. Of coz, the food are expensive in the park so don expect too much.
  3. Strictly no outside food is allowed. But a bottle of mineral water is allowed. the beverage in the park are expensive too haiz. there are water cooler everywhere
  4. for the dress code, bikini and swim suit are the most standard one. aerobic attire is allowed too. but for us we just wear short pants and t-shirt/singlet ( just make sure that the attire don have any zip or buttons). long sleeve is ok but it was really hot inside. just wear it as simple as you can hehe. Slippers are always the most ideal footwear to walk in the park

Together at the entrance before we entered the park. big belly haha

the park map of Sunway Lagoon, there is 5 parks in total in the Sunway Lagoon: amusement park, extreme park. water park, animal park and scream park. we only managed to go for 3 parks coz we spent most of our time in the water park. The facilities in the extreme park need extra charge like bungee jump and paintball. our target are VUVUZELA!! hehe

we were welcomed by the mascot in the entrance. They checked our bag strictly to prevent us from being outside food 

We went for the dry scream park first after we kept our things in the vuvuzela. the first thing that we tried out was the ghost house right in front the entrance. it took us around 20 mins for a journey. For me I think it wasnt as scary as i thought, maybe becoz i forgot to wear my spec and I had problem with night blindness, most of the time i was looking for way rather than focus on what was going on beside me. My frens who were a bit coward (XP ) screamed like hell in the ghost house when got any ghost or zombie approach them, or any sounds from the knocking will make them scream straight away. The Thailand tourist was so afraid of it until she cried and she hold my fren so tight until i thought that she was one of the ghost.

After our ghost house trip we went for the roller coaster. And we learned a very important lesson: never judge something by its cover!! coz we were comparing the Genting and Singapore Universal Studio's roller coaster with this one, and we all thought that neh this one was not challenging at all and it was just for kids. And we proved we wrong when we rode for it. Although it wasnt as scary as the Singapore one, but it did impressed us with the speed haha. quite nice ^^

Some part of the roller coaster. ishh the most scary part was blocked by the wall and we were fooled by it haha. Must ride if u go to Sunway Lagoon 

And here it is~ The vuvuzela from the ground. it was 20 meter tall and Sunway Lagoon claimed that it is the biggest in the world. The latest attraction in the park and we rode for twice in a day hehe 

This is scary!! slide from a very high point and let u scream as loud as u want haha

The Zulu walk~

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