Dancing~ a hobby that i had to put aside....

Love to watch some dancing videos when i feel stress and also my leisure time, it always remind me how sweet i spend my time for dancing during my teenage time. which i had to give up for a temporary moment due to my busy schedule recently.....

a dancing video from Selena Gomez and her frens, wow it was really energetic and nice choreography! and it is my favorite song too ^^ wish to learn for the move when im free during my holiday later.

FYI, i was once an active dancer in my school. I danced for chinese traditional dance, modern dance, ballet, malay dance and tried out for some simple Latin during my first year medic night. and it was really awesome seriously. I started dancing since I was 8 years old ( 5 years old if the u think the performance for kindergarden is considered as a dancing too, lol)

Out of so many dances, the one I loved the most will be BALLET, which my mom exposed me to ballet since i was 8. At first, honestly i hate ballet so much coz i could not really master it compared to my frens. I was so depressed that time. but luckily, my grade and performance improve a lot after my grade 6, and guess wat, i got my highest mark for London Ballet Academic exam for my Grade 8 result with 92/100, a distinction mark. I was really proud of myself. Then i continued to take for Intermediate level in the same year, got merit for the grade.

However, since SPM, I had to give up Ballet as my mom always said, nothing should come first before academic result. Since then, i knew i could dance back again as before becoz i lost the stamina, and now, i could not even finish a simple dance for ballet. sad. I missed the time i trained hard myself to perform better in pointe shoes, until my whole toes got blisters WTH, and worst, my right big toes's nail detached twice in 6 months time. N the discipline master always wondered why i wore slipper for class hahaha. N I miss the time i joined " A night at Theater", organised by Priscilla Ballet Center during my form 4 time, and it was the only time i performed Ballet on the stage.
the logo that time =))

emo lar i cant find my dance photos in the internet, i danced for Phatom of Opera~ and this was a dance by more seniors group ( my ballet teacher was one of them) haha

U cant imagine how beautiful ballet is if u do not try it before

And for chinese traditional dance, well i performed it for numerous time adi, and joined a dancing class in China Xiamen before with the Penang Dance group. I was the chinese traditional dance group leader for my KMPP chinese new year festivals, we performed for the red cloth dance and we got a lot of applause and good complement from the public. happy =)) every year in the CLB, i performed at least two dances for cultural night, and i got promoted XD during 2011 as dance tutor, choreograph a dance for my juniors. here is the link where me n and juniors haha : dancing junior

Came to UPM, actually I wish to join the chinese dance group in UPM very much, but god damn the extremely busy life makes me so exhausted and i had to gave up my mind for it. so i just joined the dance group for medic night. guess wat, it was the first time I tried out for korean hip hop dance ( i just knew how to dance gee, roly poly that time lol). and just to made it fresh we added Latin in the dance step summore haha. It was a great time to work together with the team to think of what kind of sparks that we can give during the performance to impress the spectators. well i did a split for the dance, and very great applause that i had received haha. 
and here is the link for the dance haha:

and ok lor i dont really like to mention, choreograph a 团康舞 for the lantern festival during my first year medic life, the nasi lemak 2.0.......=...= i really got phobia with tis song after all!! 

Haiz, what is the consequence for abstinence from dancing? shit i gain a lot of weight, 53kg with waist circumference 26 inch, OMG!!!! gonna dance and sweat a lot during my 6 week holidays later adi. i really love dancing, but really have to put it aside due to the no mercy schedule. I wanna learn how to dance for BAD GIRL from Lee Hyori!!  with dance my life is more cheerful and vivid lo. who wanna dance with me?? 
**cant expect my boy to dance he just as stiff as a stick =.= muahahaha

good night world, and good luck to myself for the coming monday OSPE.
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