I'm kinda bored

quite bored tis few days..... the life after graduate from kmpp is not wat i wish
I watch drama everyday, get scolded.
well, u watch thoe hk drama v all the same story, it is considered as : a nice entertainment
but if u watch those korean drama or china new era drama, sumone will say : wat a childish entertainment.
well, u should be gladd tat im not watching spongebob or any cartoon......
it just a kind of ways to kill ur sweet time ( n don suggest me to touch book, im freaking out of it)
yes im childish, i never deny it
it just another side of me, at least it doesnt harm anyone rite?
Im a bored person, my life is kinda boring during matric life when im alone in room
can i just make some childish act when i got the chance to do it? it does not require a permission from anyone rite?
My english not so good, forgive me.... Im learning to writ better in english... ><

well, beside facebook n blogspot, now i have my own wei bo account~ wheee ^^
n planning to have a twitter account if i got time
for me, every social network got its own function. for example,
blogspot is sumthing like a diary, where i can post my feeling here
facebook is a place i can hala hala lepak v my frens, it is the most important connection for me
wei bo, hehe i open it for idols. oh my gosh i love Yang Mi n Feng Shao Feng so much after i watch the drama The Palace ^^http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7NF0bP6az0&feature=relmfu
a nice drama which caught my eyes. I killed 30 episodes in 4 days @@
n for the twitter plan, hehe kpop stars r there, boa, kim hee chul...( no snsd, so sad TT)
through all tis network i can know all kind of ppl. well the most active network im currently using now is facebook, which i update almost everyday hehe. too bad no idols r using fb, y ha?
bt through all tis network i do found sumthing: my language r suck!!! TT T___T

add me if u hv facebook or weibo yo ^^
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