don't say goodbye~

well, recently im addicted to tis song, davichi new released song- Dont say goodbye
another well composed song from davichi after 8282, sorry but i don like time please dont stop so much, the song is actually quite weird. Davichi really got a lot of nice song with smooth melody, their ost for my man is a daebak i can say. haeri really have a powerful vocal. minkyung is soft enough to balance the song mood so it wont too strong for overall haha

dunno y now i lost my passion towards kpop, mayb too many of the new groups today with not much talent, like wat B1A4, chi-chi, rania, Brave girls, supreme, Dalshabet bla bla a lot. but i cant even remember any of the members lo. spoilt the good reputation from kpop nia. although i enjoy snsd comeback a lot hehe. and t-ara is going to have their comeback next week!! im so excited for it hehe, cry cry is absolutely a nice song n they deserve to win if their do it well in their live performance~ ^^

btw i juz watch " the apple in my eyes" with sushi n kelvin yesterday. erm it is a good movie, compare to puppylove ice kacang, but i prefer "初恋这件小事" the most!!! tis movie got too much of rude words for me, not so like it for the masturbate scene n walk around naked in the house. zzz is tis really happened in taiwan?? lo in my opinion, Taiwan really a very weird country. the ppl there always like to name themselves with cute cute funny name, eg tomato, ya tou, the prince ( please la oh gosh u r not so handsome yet), ben4 zhu1 ( im sad for ur parents)

haiz, form tis movie, i realise sumthing, boys will prefer a polite, silent and shy girl to be their girlfriend instead of a girl who have good leadership, energetic and outgoing. maybe tat kind of girl is more easier to pikat gua? then the other kind of girl is more to best fren, brother than girl friend. n the same thing happened around me now. lo don ask me to act polite or act cute, i will feel like im going to slap myself coz it is too disgusting for me. 记住,我是性格派的女生!!n im proud with my characteristic n personality~ ^^V

hmm looks like i have to say goodbye to my holiday, TT i don wish to say so but i have to. now onli 3 days left n i really have problems to swallow the pharmacology, choking now loiz. its too hard for me to understand it well, n i have no mood to study at all. argh all i need is mood mood mood, n emo mood lo.
haha tis pic is taken when im too bored for my study. act cute act cute hehe

lo i sure i will miss penang again when i go back... wuwuwu the life in the hostel is stressful with all the weekly assessment n assignments >.< actually i don mind to go back if the life is not as pressure as pressure cooker. but no choice, since i have choose tis road, i have to finish it no matter how. go go girl u can do it!! ^^

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