if pharmacology is as easy as kpop....

well, i think most of us is very familiar v the videos above
yes u r rite, the above is the teaser for t-ara cry cry 4th mini album and the below is girls' generation 3rd full album the boys~ ^^ n i love both of the songs so much keke
for me, it is not a problem at all to memorize all the lyrics in a week time, i adi biasa v it coz i really love kpop so much~ n snsd is still my top favorite after 3 years time since 2009 when i was in form 5 n i was so addicted to them. as they r not onli pretty but talented.

for example, in tis 3rd full album is the album i love the most~ n the japanese 1st full album too, they tried a lot of style tis time, from how great is your love, my j, say yes, lazy girl ( my favorite!!) to oscar, every song give a very special feeling to others. n i highly recommend to my frens if they wish to know kpop more~ ^^ btw snsd is going to release their 1st english digital single in USA in the end of nov, im waiting for it~ the girls can do it n i believe they can make another victory like wat they did in japan, rock the japan with their successful arena tour. they never make sone disappointed, stunned the world with their outstanding vocal and dance.

hehe then about t-ara, of coz it is my favorite girls group too. form bo peep bo peep to roly poly, every songs are awesome although a bit weak in their live, tat is y they cant beat snsd. hehe, im going to perform roly poly in my upm medic nite next year, n my dance crew plan to dance it once in ktm station or in the shopping centre, feel so excited for it!! it is a catchy song tat easy to learn and dance with. well n now im so impressed with their coming new song, cry cry which the mv will be released tonite!! a very different style from roly poly n yayaya

another girl groups tat is my favorite is 2ne1 and sistar. hehe yea in my ranking, snsd is the 1st place, no doubt, then follow by 2ne1, tara n sistar. 2ne1 have amazing stage performace epecially from CL, the leader for 2ne1, she is gorgeous n i love her so much. hehe i love her the most in go away mv, her hair very nice n she look very pretty. 2ne1 is a very strong girl group too. the songs i recommend here is i am the best, go away ( omg my favorite), ugly ( tis is my top top playlist) and i dont care.

argg, i wish my pharmacology is as easy as kpop, i no need to study hard for kpop n i sure i can score a very high marks for it. pharmacology is so hard TT i langsung don understand y is it like tis y it react like tat with the drug. n i left my notes in the hostel == chek ak
now i really scare i cant score well for my G&BP exam next monday leh, no mood for study at all.. help me help me...

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