dancing again~^^

having fun dancing v alicia for " molly flower" a few months ago before i enter uni, haha. long time din dance tis song liao feel so happy to dance it again~
well, im ot bad now too, dancing roly poly and goodbye baby for the coming medic nite, hopefully can perform it well... n im going to challenge myself for the boys when i have time hehe. i love the dance so much, it is energetic!! but im still waiting for tutorial.
actually i wish to dance back ballet a lot, but my stamina n my stupid leg don allow me to do tis, arg i really wish to learn esmeralda, it is very nice!! n don expect me to dance it on pointe, my pointe is very bad >< i juz wanna learn the steps. im glad tat I danced ballet before so i am flexible to dance any style of the dance.
i stil remember the time i dance stephanie sun d "guji guji" n jj lim d" ko" with goo, ivon, alicia, hun yuin, kahleen, beh them. we have a lot of fun for the choreograph, fill with laughter whenever we practised it as we were so fresh n excited to have our 1st own dance. n it is not bad yo~ too bad i don hv the video but onli a few of photo...
dancing is part of my life, part of my soul. maybe im not borned for dancing, but i love to dance n i know i have the talent. i wish tat i will still have time for dancing in future without affecting my academic result. i wanna prove tat medical student is not nerd for dancing, but talented!!
hehe to my little juniors, good luck for ur competition during 19th nov yea, must bring back the champion back to clb, u adi prove urself during last competition n i have confidence with u all. hope to c u all in kl during dec for the national dancing competition~ ^^
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  1. I want dance la T.T
    find 1 day we dance together can???

  2. of coz my dear girl, im gonna crazy here, i want to dance sumthing difficult so badly n not sumthing stupid like aerobic exercise ==

  3. its realy our memory..damn miss the moment!