my life as a medical student in upm =)

well, 1st of all, medical student is extremely pressure!! i hv accessment for almost every week n everyone got a very high score for it.... TT
i admit tat my memory power is not so strong to memorize all the terms especially for pharmacology, but at least i try very hard for my exam n improvement can be seen in every exam~ happy n proud of it

still got 5 years to cope with the stress, n i heard from my senior tat the pressure will be doubled when we come to clinical year, means the 3rd year when we r going to start our posting in hospital, omg!!

hehe, im now a 1st year medical student in University Putra Malaysia~ although i din get 4 flat for my pspm, thanks god haha. well, actually a medical student life is not easy at all... maybe it is some kind of "insurans" for someone to think tat they r secured for doctor life, but the problem is, r u ready for it?

for my advise, if you r not really interest to become a doctor, you better don choose medic as your uni course, as you may regret when u come to the break down border, and u waste a place for those who really want to become a doctor outside

actually my life here is quite leisure, im not sure about others, i think im still ok with it gua?? ^^ not trying to push urself too hard to become a top student, juz enjoy ur life, make it interesting and meaningful. of coz, exam is still very important. lo during my C&ET exam i burned midnite oil until 4am, wat a crazy is it haha. but i have no choice becoz i know myself well tat i not good in scanning like my fren... envy la she onli need to study once for the exam n i have to study at least twice ==

one of the lab scene in UPM haha, together having fun v my frens~it is awesome tat the lab inside UPM have air conditioner!! so we wont feel so hot although we are wearing a super thick labcoat. but the lab coat still look nice rite? v looked smarter on it haha

ps: the one with a very cute chubby face is chai gin wei, n i called her helmet bcoz of her hairstyle XDD she is one of my best fren in k17 n i love my frens here~

about my lab life, hmm actually not bad, nothing much to be done except to deal with tat microscope, arg my eyes r so pain everytime look at the objective lens. i will get myoisis very soon ar n i need some tropolol to cure it liao haha, juz a joke, coz now usually when we gather together, we will start making fun on wat we learn so we can absorb it faster n easier~ ^^ and to prevent us from suffocate or chocking v the thick notes.... TT

If compare to matric life, erm matric is more relax la coz actually not very tough pun, but here is different, you have to find the knowledge urself via lecturer, seniors or internet.but at the same time, don kacau ur seniors too much coz they r having exam too and their pressure is like a super big burden on their shoulder
from the left: shi yie, fantasia, me, shzeyee n junning. the lower one is sin yen n khai sien, all very pretty except me lo~ ( crying ) haha we r having a fantastic life there. y i say so? we already had our amazing homemade steamboat and spagetti in the house, and we are planning for bbq XD

if im not wrong, we took tis pic when we r having our urine analysis practical. different kind of urine will show different of disease, and it is amazing!! a very new experience for me lo hehe
hmm about our lecture, we have doctors, assistant professor and professor here, teaching us about anatomy, excitable cell, pharmacology, gene expression and molecular basic of medicine so far. and i love dr mar mar wai the most hehe, she is a good myammar professor.

well some of the lecturer juz like the terminator of narcolepsy, make me feel so sleepy and dizzy in the class until i cant concentrate well in the class.... well, not my fault XD some of the lecturers are good in knowledge but i think they are teaching in the wrong method >< well i will try my best to catch up with the syllabus d. if not i scare my buddy will kill me haha
now comes to the time schedule, during 1st semester it will a bit loose compare to 2nd sem, as we have a lot of self study session now, which will be cut during the next sem TT we are allowed to shift our timetable d, so i have extra holidays during deepavali and i can go back to butterworth~ wee ^^ normally my class is from 9am to 5pm, depends on the timetable, and im having an hour or two hours break between the class. for medical student, we very appreciate every seconds to sleep. so we wont waste it!! n we can sleep everywhere haha

haha, don think too much~ tis is not my flower, is my buddy d convo flower. erm, should be my buddy mia gf d flower haha. i still got 5 years time b4 i can receive a bouquet of flower like tis... sigh. tis year, upm medical convo fall on my bday!! too bad i cant meet my 6th year buddy peng mun senior, she very nice person leh... why my schedule was so packed tat day!! geram

well, actually i attended two exams tat day which made me missed the chance to meet my buddy. a very stupid exam for titas and hubungan etnik. i din study well for tat exam i admitted, as i just finished my C&ET accesment tat friday. but, i still managed to get a very satisfied marks for it. lo, when i study hard my marks at the border of the passing marks, when i just read through then i get a good mark ==

hehe tis is my bday present from my buddy line, a cute bunny~ lo it reminds me about my cute cousin in russia now, bunny the vivian~ >< i missed her so much

btw, thanks yo my beloved housemates n jirans too, i had an unforgettable birthday tis year~ n also a very special bday present from my coursemates~^^ it is much better to celebrate your bday v a bunch of good frens than u make it big for me, bcoz it created a lot of problems n unhappy. juz like last time. mayb is my social problem but i really dislike it

n finally, tis is my buddies~ although im not in the chung ling buddy system, but my buddy line is awesome!! the one smiling so happy is the octopus bouquet of flower is my 6th year senior peng mun senior~ happy graduation buddy!! haha she very nice d
the ppl v blue shirts is my 5th year buddy senior, who is going to graduate next year lo hehe. my 4th year buddy senior is not attending due to posting, but she is very pretty n cute too~ ^^ n i love her so much kekez.
well, the leng zai holding another bouquet of flower is my 3rd year buddy senior haha. he always bully me d >< XDD juz kidding, he is very nice to talk with, n helped me a lot in my study. my 2nd year buddy senior is flora, erps she is missing form tis picture too haha. she very kind, helpful and caring~ everytime when im in trouble i will go to find her.
tis is wat buddy line means lo, helping each other whenever who got problems. although my job is juz to collect merit marks for them la haha, bo huat im the bottom of the line n i cant help much lo >< they juz like my big brother n sister to me~

haha tis is part of my upm life here, will update it when i got time then wee. have fun everyone~ ^^ enjoy study again ><
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  1. I hope you wrote this when you just woke up or about to sleep.

    Else, many pt will go under forensic table to find out the cause of death...

  2. I hope you wrote this when you just woke up or about to sleep.

    Else, many pt will go under forensic table to find out the cause of death...