my upm life part 2 ^^

haha, here comes my upm life of part 2~ having a busy schedule recently so i don have much time to update my blog @@ haiz, too many assessments n notes come in a bunch, a big burden arrrr, i almost suffocate by them. sometimes i really think that mayb it is the time for me to have a nice rest to recharge my battery liao. TT wuwuwu my eyes looks like panda now n my eyeballs r damn big!!! cant forgive myself especially when my skin turn worst day by day...

but i have no choice but continue my life in such an unhealthy life style.. juz start package 3 programme with immunology, haematology and general pathology. ppl here is very kong bu!!! i don even know wat m i listen for class they adi can remember the definition of some medical terms. hmm actually haematology i think it is still ok gua? i like the lecturer DR Lai Mei I, she is very nice n friendly haha. Dr Lee Bang Rom also very nice, at least i understand what is the knowledge that he is trying to pass to us. unlike the other doctor, i feel like im wasting my time for nothing during yesterday d practical class, mayb im too tired coz i kept on fishing hehe

well another thing that is unique about upm is u will get lost easily in upm haha, n it is true!! my parents get lost in upm for 2 hours plus when they come to fetch me last time coz they drove into k13, which is inside serumpun area in upm. gosh i never been there b4, i really no idea how to save my mom out of that place ar hahahaha. hmm actually if got time i think i will take the bus to travel around d, juz i need plenty of time to do it. coz k17 bus very tiao ge d, 3o mins per turn, wait until u ki siao

haha don say too much of grandmother n grandfather story le, tis is my best housemate khai sien ! haha v take tis photo during an outing to the mines for sakae sushi~
together with khai sien, sin yen, ru yi, fantasia for the bank islam jpa atm card. received a very unsatisfied poor service from the officer there, really sangat berkuasa loh. btw v ponteng our class that day in kajang, but no time to taste the famous kajang satay around, so sad!! sorry prof dr ruzita, hopefully u wont notice my disappearance haha
haha while waiting ruyi to settle her fees problem, me n fantasia go out for some photo haha. this scene is beside the hep building, erm a very beautiful fountain i can say. at least now i know how to travel in upm without get lost adi haha. lo my eng really very bad ==
lab session with white coat ahaha, too boring that time. having general pathology practical session that time, but i have no mood for that coz im not ready for the class yet, wat a bad student i m. but at least im unlike someone who r ponteng kaki... n have a very bad attitude in class, dislike dislike

n finally with my best fren here, ruyi n fantasia the leng lui haha. my cute coursemate~ ^^
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