upm life 3~ a week of X'mas mood

haha it is X'mas week!! Im so happy n look forward for the festival~ tomoro is xmas eve adi, excited excited haha. go to pasar malam cheras to buy xmas presents for my dear housemates n some close coursemates on wed, the pasar malam really long til i speechless, v spent at least 6 hours at there for shopping!! as v did not plan our schedule well, v nearly don have transport to come back to k17 >< summore the taxi uncle raise the fees, chiak lat lo...

but im still happy becoz i can go for shopping haha, super like it to relieve study stress here. n i nearly forget that i still got assessment to go with during next tuesday, aiks aiks aiks.
the pasar malam is quite nice d, u can buy everything there, food, clothes, phone casing, accessories bla bla bla. i spent quite a lot there, but worth for it! i love the food especially the japanese pizza, n the tart~ ^^ shopaholic again >~<

deng deng deng, tis is how my house looks like after a few decoration. since cny also around the corner, so v decide to decorate our house into cny mood 1st haha, can put the decoration for long long time wat. Xmas tree very expensive leh. tis one Rm10 per 3, cheap n cute n nice!! next year is dragon year, but how come the cartoon looks like cow leh @_@

n im quite curious y ppl say my house is stressful as my housemates r so cheerful here~ v got gu jamdi here waiting for her gu jun pio leh wakaka. They should come to visit us during dinner time, then they will c how crazy v are.

doing veet on my leg to remove the stupid hairs... oh my gosh i really looks like gorilla u know? make my legs look so dark in colour, cry ar cry ar. so i decided to veet them, erm, not bad la actually for the 1st 2 days, but now come to the 3rd day they start to grow back again n it feels annoying!! TT going to veet them again tomoro when i go out to bukit bintang, hopefully they wont put me aeroplane la especially tat bamboo n klk

a funny scene in the dewan kuliah
fanta vs gin wei, who have more hair haha
n lastly tis is myself during 3 months in upm~ the best accessories a girl can put on is confidence!! be a confident girl, n i know i can do it! haha going to say goodbye to 2011, n say hello n welcome to 2012, always march into a brighter future ^^
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