wat is the hell happen to you??

i dunno wat to say but i juz cant control my emotion anymore
im frustrated with you recently, wat actually happen to you?
yea u can be a cheerful n innocent lady if you want, but can you please control yourself?
u r very sweet, i admit it, but i really don understand you nw
b4 tat u told me tat u were hurt badly but him
n now wat r u doing? someone is look forward for u n i told u, u juz ignore me!!!

if tis wat u want? talk n do the 2 different things.
n today u told me not onli once tat u want to withdraw urself
i din force u to join it, but u asked me help u to put ur name under the group when v were choosing the groups n u were not around tat time
ok i help u, n now wat have u done?
IS it tat girl who make u change?
please don let me dislike u, bcoz i already dislike tat girl

im very pek chek now!! pek chek till i wanna kill ppl
y the world is so complicated now? y human must have double image to survive?
y v must act cute or sweeten our voice in order to gain popularity?
wat the hell is tis world all about?
i dislike my life like tis, n i already experienced it once in matriculation
i don wish to repeat the 2nd time but it seems like it is approaching me
i know u better but u choose to trust sumone tat u know for 2 months
do u really know her real attitude?
it is really disgusting

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