the last day of 2011

finally here it comes, the last day of 2011
now nearly 1am adi n i still online, since i haven start packing for tomoro d trip
i really salute to myself 1st time i so clam n damding for a trip haha
kuala gandah!! the place tat i will spent with for my last day of 2011
haha elephant elephant here i come after 6 hours from now
elephant hopefully u can be guai guai don kick me down from u ha
my bones very fragile d haha
hmm if possible n i got time, tomoro i will make a conclusion for myself
about my achievements in 2011 n upload dozens of photo hehe

n i want to say, finally i make it ( i think so)
it is time to let some one who is not suitable for u to go when u feel tired
juz let go, u lost nothing but get back ur freedom
wow..... haha wth m i talking
it is my bedtime n i start to talk nonsense liao haha
goodnite everyone, n welcome 2012
wish tat it is a happy year for me~ ^^
n i wont curse myself for nonsense reason summore haha
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