Pirates of the Caribbean- The Stranger Tides!!!

watched Pirattes of the caribbean today
an awesome movie, fabullous, five star-rated, wheeee
I love it so much, actually i love the whole series of movie
coz v dunno wat is going to happen next to those main character

like black pearl, took by kapten black blread while Barbossa lost his leg n arm, trying to revenge under the protection of British
While our beloved Captain jack Sparrow??? hehe he met his nitemare, his ex gal fren who is the daughter of the Captain black blread haha, poor him
in order to find the fountain of the youth
he hv to go v the ship of the queen revenge, felt so mad tat Barbossa lost his beloved black pearl

not going to say much, bbut tis movie is really worth to watch
the conversation is so funny n cute, n also their action when they r facing problems
epecially the part when Captain jack Sparrow is trying to figure out who is the imposer, he kissed her!!! oh gosh

wat i can say? Johnny Depp is a gorgeous actor, he is the Captain Jack Sparrow,
he already own the spirit of him, no one is able to take over the role except him
Seohyun like Johnny Depp too until she quarrelled v her dear darling husband in We Got Married

N the mermaid part, it is really outstanding. usually ppl hv the imagination tat mermaid is pretty n nice, not predators who eat human flesh
but, in POTC4, the mermaids r sooo pretty
N i love them so much, feel pityful for them actually
as Syrene said, tis is not the life she want
wat make me laughed was, the mermaids attack the boat like Piranha ( which remind me tat stupid lame porn movie)
it is hard to get a mermaid tears, so she warned Jack so he dont wasted her tears
tis is wat love power is

n tis movie got a moral value behind
v r being tested by a lot of things around us
power, treasure, money, benefits, positon hold....
n black blread showed tis when he asked his daughter to sacrifice herself so he could take over the rest of her life.
n then onli Jack Sparrow told out the truth tat he exchange the water
one will reveal his or her real mask when he or she meets sumthing tat they want so much
greedy, the most evil words in our whole entire life
the most scary motive tat might destroy ur life if u cant controlled it
tis is the part tat i like it ^^ whee

Wat is sad inside? hmmm sad ar, the mermaid n the human ( forget wat name)
n the most sorrow is, WHERE IS WILLIAM N ELIZEBETH!!!!
oh gosh i beg, if they r quiting, at least u give them an ending, a story please
POTC4 looks weird without them, though it is a good movie

so, my frens,
wat r u waiting for if u hv waited tis movie for a long time?
hurry up, get a ticket now n go to the cinema
don wait anymore, u will regret if u missed it
it is worth for every pirates fans after years of waiting
coz v know tat the crew of POTC will never let us down~ ^^
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