kill the time!!!

found back my ballet shoes, finally ^^
whee i thought it was lost, but actually it just slept nicely in my bag haha
since i feel so high n excited today
i dance ballet for one hour like tat n the result is.....
oh my gosh my stamina was such a disaster!!!
no stamina at all haiz like tis how m i going to dance ballet tis coming saturday?? teacher ask me straight go for advanced class summore,
im dying, I really scare liao tis time
looks like tis few days i hv to practise more n more liao
if not i will die very kiao very soon but tis won turn my passion toward ballet down, coz i love ballet so much!! ^^ i will do all my best tis sat, whoo whoo so exciting ( n worrying =.=///) hopefully my toes wont hv blister n i still able to walk then haha still remember when form 4 i dance ballet, my toes were the victims full of blister n nail break *ouch 2 grades one roll tat time, is kinda crazy actually but I do enjoyed the time when dance ballet ( except for piruotte)

n i do love the video above, it was awesome!!!
combination of ballet n chinese dance the jasmine flower i love tis dance so much haha hope tat i can dance v pointe one day T__T
Im still too weak for tat, haiz
time flew so fast, i graduated for almost 2 weeks le,
n now is the time for me to recharge myself once again
1st thing i hv to do is.....clean up my house
yea im the free maid in my house now, wash clothes, swept the floor..
2nd thing is my novel, 2 novel is under progress,
trying sumthing new is nice
so sad to hear from my teacher tat most students nowsadays don like to write anymore for those who r writing their qualities is not good enuf 4 competition
even my own sister, she refused to writ!!!
I want to knock her head lar
i squeeze my brain for her n she told me she lazy
hey im having exam tat time leeeeeh...

3rd n the most important, choreograph dance for culture nite
omg my brain r bursting..
im lack experience in tis lar...i planned dance b4 but they were modern dance ar
haiz i will try my best, give me sumtime
coz the music tempo is hard to catch..n the steps r repeating ( which is nt my sytle at all) but the costumes r pretty
2 dance, musica u promise to help me d har
time is running!! hv to rush for the dance le kekez
if can will post it here when it is finished

listening to sistar d ma boy, n also after school d shampoo now,
2 nice songs, love them so much kekez
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