wat is meaningful in my life

there are two words which is very meaningful in my life
it shows tat i really been here
im existing in tis world
n tis two words, also represent the most memorable moment
the most enjoyable moment tat i would never forget
guess wat it is?

many things happen in my life, for the passed 19 years,
i tried to remember everything, but onli managed to puzzle sum
I felt so happy tat im not invisible during my skul life
at least not like now, maybe i too sensitive
or I get too much attention for the passed 5 years n now cannot used to it
thanks so much to my frens, who introduced me blogspot when i was form 5
it is fun to read back the blog i wrote b4
sumthing childish, but interesting tat could make me laughed out the whole day
n onli I realise how happy I am before

during form 1 time, erm, meet new frens, but nt so fun yet
haha although sumthing sad happened, it does not make any changes in my life.
Im so innocent tat time!! ok im stupid

form 2 time, well meet up v zerga bamboo piggy n the gang
n v had scotison forum,
v the most arguementative issue of who is chloe XXDD
n surprisingly the forum is still there
so i make a visit, cry n laugh mixed together
c all the rude words fly around from page to page, spoilt ur own image inside n say i don care at all
then v had a mogok section, haha Anti-Tupai, feel so fun.

During mid of form 2, if nt wrong then TUNA society appear n take over scotison
in full name, tuna ghost story telling society haha, ghost story was so popular among us tat time, n v had then shen as the father of tuna,
and zerga as the president
too bad v din left down any souvenir, proven tat tuna was existed once
but it was deep inside my mind ^^ love it till now

hmm come to form 3, ok it was a dark period for everyone
dark competition was happening around from time to time
juz for those stupid position in club, society or association
masked ppl were everywhere, n backstabbing happened anytime, anywhere v anyone
Dunno y I have the least memory towards from 3
wat i remembered was onli the dancing competition

wat happened during form 4??
yupp the 4sa1iloveyou blogspot
the mystery group created by the boys, n become han qiang dang at the end
had a big quarrel v zhen yin tat time, sorry yin
n then became best fren v goo goo n shu yin~ ^^ missed u so much dear
oh yea i almost forgot
i had my baptism n comformation tat year, thanks to god
then ar, become the president of the culture nite lor, quite fun, not bad kekez
n hd a crush v sumone for 2 years, haha I wrote about tat person in blog summore

n now, come to the most important year in my life
my form 5 time!!! WEEE
evrything fun happened here
for more details.....kekez read my blog n u will know
coz v were retired from all thse postion in club
then no more nonsense dark competition, n everyone r frens together back
v ponteng together, fight v teaacher together
although form 5 life is nonsense, bt i really do enjoyed it
hahahaha asked me y? i dunno, maybe bcoz it was the last year in chung ling gua
im loving it, haha wish tat i can go back to from 5 life
thanks to all my gang mia kaki, make my life so meaningful
until bow v still hang out together, mayb a graduation trip to hat yai soon
ar popi i can go, i wanna make crazy stuff v u all again
i loved you all my best pal goo, pp, aixin, bunny, bamboo, zerga, pok kai, fei didi, cian yi, milo, peiwei, zhen yin, yvonne, alicia, ee von, doggy, piggy, ang, beh, chin kwang, jjyeap, yongzhuan, shuyin my dear, fish, chicken little, zhong en, hoi min, anxy, bage, sinyen, mei fern, wilson icey, zhangxuan, yaya, simyee n a lot, haha love u all now n forever~ ^^
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  1. suddenly think of scotison n i for google it but i couldnt find it and i found this one, haha ... argh i miss those time alot ~ do you know if scotison stil exist yet? link? feeling so nostalgic... from: piggy :)

    1. Piggy!! I cant dind the link aymore since last year. Guess due to inactivity was removed adi. =(( but it lives forever in our mind haha ♡♡