Oh no, it is not good at all

haha, finally the chinese new year nite succeed, hooray for tat.
A pic from em, and together v my best fren yongshi and Yvonne choo
haha, shi, the costume suited u leh....
don say urself are ugly anymore in the future k?
coz u juz looked nice~ ^^

v r having a photo session together v the backdrop on the stage
gosh the deeign was out of my expectation.
it looked gorgeous, as a result from the decoration team to work hard for at least 2 weeks time

n of course, the performance get a lot of praise from others.
the Pengarah n HEP commented tat tis is the best CNY performance in college for 10 years time
Even our senior congrated us tat v set a higher limit for our junior in the future
So happy and so glad to hear tat
V work so hard since December, practise and practise, and finally our hard work was appreciated. Happy Happy ^^
** a bit too late to post tis since the CNY nite already pass a month, hehe

After the good news, here comes the bad news
argh, Im lack of time already seriouly
But im sure I cant lock myself the whole day in the room
I will get crazy for tat
I prepared a few food as the preparation for study week
well I too greeedy liao, and eat half of them~ hehe > <
Now im start to worry
if I continue my daily routine like tis, Im sure a big fatty after my exam

It's raining cats and dogs tis fews day in the skul
lo very cold outside leh
but it is nice to sleep at nite,a natural air conditioner for everyone
until I have problem to wake up in the next morning
argh, think about my exam, i found tat i still got a lot of topics tat I haven revise yet T..T
God please help me to pass my exam v flying colours, I don want to repeat the same mistake like wat i had done, scare scare scare now
I wish to stay up in the midnite to study, but 90% i will fall asleep ZZZZ
not good at all
but Im looking forward for the reunion gathering v my secondary skul life frens leh
i want sakae, karaoke, movie and everything, especially v LEE LIEW KHIM haha

Never leave down any regret in ur life coz u will never get them back in the future
time will juz pass like tat
they don wait u
Once u really lost it, it is no point for u to cry anymore
there maybe a lot of chance in ur life, but every chance will not be the same, and they will never repeat. When the chance knock ur door, juz welcome them and use the chance wisely.
im not a passive thinker, but Im not as sunny as u thought.
And now i regret i din grab the chance nicely before........
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