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Im trying to treat everthing postitively, 11 more hours, my dearest fren will have her last journey for her life. I wish i could strong enough to handle this, wish tat i could hold my tears tomoro. Suddenly i feel tat the world is unpredictable, u will never know when is ur last day. The day before my fren died, she told her roommate tat she felt not secure at all, dunno wat is the reason. She was not planning to come back, but she changed her mind the last minute. There was a lot of symptoms before tis, juz like she knew tat stg bad will happen.
Shu yin, before tis week i still wondering how come u online so frequently, u even update ur blog tat u deserted long time ago. If i really din read ur sms, I wouldn't know tat was ur last message to every of us. Forgive me, i opened the blog so late tat i thought it was not important at all. Tears rolling down everytime i missed u, u just left me so suddenly...
i talked to Angelia and her fren from IPG before, told me a lot of strange behaviour before she left in the afternoon. Having a great and awesome lunch, din knock the door and say goodbye to her best fren, asked to take more pictures v frens in the garden tat she everyday passed by. She even told her Malay fren to wear in black if she wish to attend any funeral. The nite before the incident, she told Angelia and her best fren tat she felt totally unsecure and uncomfortable, she wished to go home by bus, which she thought it was more safety. Tat nite was Wednesday nite.
I know tis on Friday morning, 6.53am, i shocked and shivered, she juz commented on my facebook during wed nite. On thursday nite, I failed to writ my novel, and i couldn't sleep as usual like a pig. I thought it was because of weather, well it was a sign for me. I called her twice, and sms her but the notification note was not received. tis really barely happened, bt i din take too much attention on it. thanks to my frens who always ignore my sms.
i looked at her last face thrice, hoping tat she could juz blink her eyed or smile at me. i cant accept the fate tat she already left me away, to the heaven. I made a keychain v the name of both of us, but she will never see it. V shall go out for a date today, go to sunway for a crazy shopping in bookfair, a welcome party in sakae sushi, mayb a movie or karaoke. V even promised to exchange secret together.
The GOD will take away things tat u do not appreciate well. And he took away yin from me. I never take it serious when she talked about anime to me. Even her draw, i juz give some praise, which i think it was not sincere at all. But she never complained about tat. She always blame me for having two dears, but it was juz a joke, now i onli left one. Christine, i really hope tat u will be nice and healthy forever.
Before tat, she said she will make a chocolate for me as valentime present, she said tis year will be the last year v celebrate together coz she dowan be my valentime the next year. And now, tis had become a truth. I scold her tat time, don leave me alone unless v my permission. v plan to go P.redang n P.perhentian together.. A lot of memories cross over my mind now, but it was too late for everthing.
to everyone my fren here, my clb monkeys frens, my dancing club frens, my bsm n VAd frens, my kmpp frens, and my family especially my parents, i love u all as i always do. please forgive me if i hurt of or act mean to u before...i think i shall finish my novel right after my exam passed, which i delayed long time ago. i wish to go back for ballet, so i shall start to train back my stamina now. I let go too much things tat i want, i want to get them back as soon as possible, without any regret.
at last, frens, v should change our attitude now. Don always say die die die on your mouth, coz u never know when it will become a truth
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