goodbye my fren

My best friend juz died the sweetest dear tat I ever had. I cant believe tis when my sis tell me the news, I thought it was juz a joke when she try to wake me up. But when I heard she cried, I know, tis is not a joke, tis is a truth…. shuyin died, she died, DIED DIED DIED
How could I believe in tis? thrusday morning, she juz leave a comment at my status, asking me wat happen after I wrote tat I nearly break the rules for eating meat tat day, which I should be on fasting. Im so sorry dear tat I ignored u which I shouldn’t I all. blame myself, tis is the punishment from the god, where I din appreciate u nicely b4, HE is taking back u from me.
I cal wei wei en, she couldn’t believe tis, she thought tat I was having peer pressure. yin, I really really hope tat, all of tis, is juz a lie, a white lie. I refuse to believe tis, in fact, how am I going to believe tat all of tis happened? v just text each other during Wednesday, u juz leave a comment on y post tis Thursday, goo goo n me r planning to have a reunion outing v u tomorrow. our last meet was during penang bridge run, sorry I couldn’t spent too much time v u, I’m really sorry.
My god, do u know u just killed 4 ambitious future teacher who already determined to work for the society in few years time? Shuyin dear so passion towards the work, she really look forward to serve the country through education, and trained herself to become a good teacher. When my friends who are working as temporary teacher now complaining tat students r disobedient and they are having trouble to manage the class, she explained it nicely, coz she loves her future job as teacher as she wanted to know more about tis career. I believe she will become a good teacher, and she will.
I wil never forget wat v hv done during from 4, v sit together during physics class. u draw ur anime, alicia sleeping, n i will continue v sudoku or stg lapsap. sorry dear i din pay attention to ur anime speech tat time. U r disappointed rite? I really regret, i should appreaciate u more. Look back to facebook, i onli found tat, v rarely take pic together. juz bcoz v think tat, the time stil long.....U promise for a DIY chocolate for me, do you stil remember?
Now, everything is over. Dreams spoilt, ambitious gone. Just because of an accident. As a result, my best friend certified tis morning, my dear had left me. We promised together, if I get USM Kelantan for my uni life, v will hang out together during weekends, as both the campus r near together. V even planned a trip to Kenyir, Redang, Perhentian if I really get there. And now, she is no more. If this was just a dream, how pretty could it? But the truth is, I already woke up, n this is definitely not a dream.
Dear, be the prettiest angel in the heaven, your kindness, your smile, your laugh, will deep inside my heart forever. I already long time din call your true name, Goh Shu Yin, is it? we should meet during CNY, but we missed it. I’m very sorry…. But I really miss you, I miss the time we go out together, sing karaoke with wei wei en, yaya and goo goo. You are excellent, sorry I din tell u before, but you are. You are pretty, from appearance and your personalities. The most funny is, v din take a lot of pictures together, because v think that v stil have a lot of time to spend together. Everything just happened in a moment, shocked, cried, shivering….
Dear, just rest in peace. We are good friends together, and we always are. No matter what happened, you will just in my mind forever.

your Loved best friend,
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