槟城街头文化庙会~ Penang CNY Cultural and Heritage Celebration 2014

Penang CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration is an annual event patronised by Penang State Government 

and Penang Clan Council(檳州各姓氏宗祠聯委會), organised by Clan-Association Youth 

Penang(檳州各姓氏青年團聯委會) in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

This year, the celebration was held on the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year ( Feb 2 2014) , and they change the location into a bigger one, at Lebuh Bishop, Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh Gereja, Lebuh King and Lebuh Penang in Georgetown Penang. What is so special about this celebration? well it is more than just a normal celebration, which makes me love Penang more day by day. It is one of the largest event in Penang, besides Penang Georgetown Heritage Celebration and Penang Marathon. 

I don have any idea about the CNY cultural and heritage celebration at first as I missed it for years. ( thanks to the stupid exam schedule after CNY during 1st and 2nd year). I went to this celebration years ago, maybe during my secondary school time. That time still young and I could not really appreciate the event well. I knew it accidentally during a ceremony in 李氏宗祠 ,  and also the Occupy Beach Street Project in the morning. So I just invited my frens and my sister to attend this great celebration with me, and it was really awesome, and packed with people.
You have no idea what is 人山人海 or 人潮汹涌的恐怖 or 寸步难移 unless you joined this event!! seriously, there was more than 10 thousands ppl attended the event ( according to the newspaper la), and the traffic was totally awful when the Penang Bridge and Penang ferry became the 大型露天停车场。 yes the cars were trapped in the traffic jam for hours. 其实那个时候我们还真的怀疑槟岛会不会沉下去。 

This was the outlook of the venue of the celebration in the morning. the main arch at church street was dismantled few days ago adi. 
好霸气的匾额啊 muahahaha. and I love how it look with the combination of the buildings and blue sky. 
the theme for the event this year was 駿馬騰飛慶甲午文化廟會, since tis year was the horse year. 

sister with the decoration of the umbrella~ colourful umbrellas were one of my favorite spot to take picture in the event~ really creative leh, 成为了街道上的另一道风景。从路面到天空,都是让人目不暇给的装饰。

Me with the beautiful 风车. hehe. 

After a short walk around the main streets for the event, we went back home in the afternoon. Of coz la this was not the end yet, the event started from 3pm in the evening, after a short rest, I invited my frens and sister to go for the event again around 5pm. We parked the car over the ferry terminal in Butterworth, took the ferry and walked to Beach Street, since it was just a short distance. Luckily we did not drive to Penang. 

the coloured man on the street~ Don be surprised if they were moving haha, they were the real alive human, not just statue ( well they acted like they were the statues haha)  

街头的大旗鼓表演~ long time I did not enjoyed this show adi, really amazed by their technique on how they played with the big flag. They even gave the chance to the public to have a try to hold the big flag haha. 

took photo with the head of the lion dance with Von~ 

Took a group photo with the main arch at Church Street~ thanks to Sushi for the photos haha. met quite many frens also in the event that day. 

took a photo with the God of wealthy~ God ar plz popi me so I can have lots of money to go for travel this year~ and maybe I can buy myself more good items then in future haha. 

cute God of Wealthy~ 

the show begun!! 漂亮的大旗鼓表演让人看了拍烂手掌~ 
What is so special about the show~ they played and supported the flag with their hands, elbow, legs and chin!! it is not easy at all as they had to get the best balance point to support the flag in the best position. A big applause to the performers everytime they completed an action successfully. 
well the consequence of nt having a dslr is I cant take a close picture of the show, my camera was very limited. if I got money I wish i can buy myself a DSLR d hehe. 

Photo with the monkey statue~ there was 12 in total, which resembles the 12 zodiac in Chinese culture~ mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. 
申= monkey in 地支 ( chinese calender something like tat). learned it during secondary school but now forgot liao LOL. 

the main stage of the event during the opening ceremony. Who was giving the speech? Our Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng!!  the crowd really made ppl suffocated huh, so i did not squeeze myself to the front line, just took photo from far away. The stage got double storey and this really wow me~ tat 5 ppl who stood on the second floor of the stage with cheongsam and samfu looked like the angels haha. 

Then we walked to look for something interesting. They divided the event into several zones, and we were heading to the E zone with cultural shows and Chinese Art if im not mistaken. we really enjoyed the atmosphere of the CNY in Penang except the huge crowd lo haha. 

something caught into our eyes~ the small and beautiful head of lion dance made of rattan. 

the wood carving with the chinese letter " horse", this year was horse year and that is why everything they emphasize on horse LOL haha. 

knife sharpening stall~ they used a special stone to sharpen the knife so they can use it for a longer time. This is the beauty of chinese tradition, they repair anything which was broken, than throw it away. 

Chinese chess! dare to have a challenge here?? haha. I tot it was a puzzle at first but only then I realize it was a chinese letter of Horse when I looked at it for the second time. 
I know how to play chinese chess d lo, 10 years ago =..= 

Chinese Paper art by students~ still thinking of 2D? they transformed it into a 3D paper art consisted of 12 zodiac muahahaha. 

the beijing opera mask~ can buy it as a souvenirs for friends~ or coloured it ourselves at the stall. 

me and sio showed off our calligraphy~ wish everyone have a good fortune in this early spring haha. my writing not bad leh 

a chinese traditional skill on Chinese Facial Threading, which they removed the tiny hair on the face with a tiny red thread ( coz red brings good fortune). Usually they will do this on a girl before her wedding~ I wished to try it out that day but I put on my make up, don wish to become a panda la haha. they 

one of the most special technique among the chinese art~ eye washing. Yes cuci mata. 
They washed the eyes with a cotton bud and the special solution with secret ingredients, to remove the dust and dirty things in the eyes, which they claimed cant be remove by normal procedure such as rubbing and even eye mo~ 

had a cup of chinese tea after a long walk~ enjoyed the essence of the smell of the tea first before I drank it~ for free hehe. Chinese tea art is actually not easy as it required a great knowledge especially on the preparation of the tea, to the tea pot. 

sister had her henna on her hand~ costed RM10. henna is actually an art from Indian~ nvm la satu Malaysia wat. 

colourful 风车~ 

the uncle was showing how they made a basket besides the stall~ 

A special trishaw which was beautifully decorated with the umbrellas, tanglungs and a horse on top on it. 

Took a picture with the wishing pond~ since it was decorated with peach flower, I think I should have my wish with it??? haha. 

Many ppl wrote their wish on the red paper and hang it over the line~ as a wish to the family and wish for a good fortune in 2014~ 

and we were lucky to watch the beautiful firecrackers show!! although it lasted for just a few minutes but we still enjoy it hehe.

At last we beh tahan with the crowd so we decided to leave early. Initially we planned to have dinner there but there was long queue everywhere T..T The arch and the tanglungs were so beautiful at night~ as beauty as Penang ya haha. 
will visit the celebration again if I got holiday next year, definitely hehe ^^ 

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