Occupy Beach Street Project on Chor San

Being apart from Penang was not a good thing at all. I have no idea about this interesting event until I read a post from my favorite blogger mylovelybluesky. And I was like OMG how can I miss this activities? better than stay at home and play computer games right? haha. If you think I like nature only, then you are wrong, in fact, I love cultural activities too!! or anything which is classical to me, OK I admit that Im abit... erm... conservative? not really, just like someone who lives in the modern life but love something cultural and historical haha. So today Im going to share my experience about "Occupy Beach Street Project" in Penang! 

Don miss it if you are a tourist in Penang, and you are here during Sunday!! very important to take note that this activitiy is on Sunday!! you will see the cultural side of Penang, more than just a modern city with famous murals.  

So here we are, the Beach Street on Sunday afternoon. It was really hot, but thanks to the building which provide some shade haha. I love this street because of the European buildings. 

So here is some information about Occupy Beach Street project from their official facebook page: 
Project Occupy Beach Street initiatives temporarily close streets to automobile traffic so that people 

may use them for healthy and fun physical activities like walking, jogging, biking dancing and social 


Project Occupy Beach Street divides the current “Car Free Day” into 4 unique Zones. Each different

 zone will be supported by different activities. Activity providers will encourage to brighten up the 

route and to help meet the many physical activities and community - building goals associated with 

Project Occupy Beach Street. In exchange for their participation, activity providers were able to 

publicize their organization and business with no cost or very low cost

For more information, plz click HERE

Basically few streets are involved in the activity, which includes Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh Bishop, Lebuh Gereja or Gat Lebuh Gereja ( opposite the Penang Jetty terminal). what do you mean by no car? means no car is allowed to drive in la, so we can enjoy our cycling, jogging, skating and whatever we like to do in the area. 

Kids were playing segway on the street~ segway is a two-wheeled, self balancing electric vehicles. don worry about the safety issue, becoz the workers will give a brief introduction and guidance at the side before the games. quite easy to control I think? as the kids can handle it well. Unsure about the price, but for me it is OK to have a try d. why I din try it out? I wore skirt that day LOL. and I don see teenagers there so I paisei haha. 

Yes, you don have blurred vision, and it is not a illusion, this is a traditional massage.... with knife. OMG knife!! it costs about RM10 for the massage, and it was kinda interesting, this was the first time I discovered another function of knife than just a cutting tools. Is it painful? i dunno, belum try belum tau, satu kali try tiap tiap hari mau? haha.

have a closer look of the knife massage. Dare to try? hehe maybe next time. 

the huge snake and ladder board games with a huge dice~ my favorite games during my childhood. I would like to say this place is definitely a suitable place to hang out with family during Sunday morning or afternoon. FAMILY DAY! 

I dunno how to describe this in English but we called it :跳格子 in chinese. or jump aeroplane also can, as the shape looks like an aeroplane. we need to throw a piece of paper or a small rock on the box with numbers, and avoid from stepping into the box with the tools, then picked it up when we jumped back to the starting point. So we need a good balance la coz we can jump by using one leg only. 
 i just posing nia, not really playing it. haha. 

there are plenty of stores too, got some accessories, bags, clothes, traditional items and many many more. it is a art and craft market ya, not a pasar malam haha. 

puzzle games~ 

the cotton candy, in flower shape. I had no idea how they make it, but it was just too...huge for me. Kids love it, so it was quite popular in the market nowadays. 

drawing~ wish to have a self portrait in comic look? find him then~ 

The collection of DIY items found among the stalls, I bought myself a handphone case and it was quite convenient to me, coz I can put my camera inside the case too ^^ FYI Im using a Samsung Note 2, and the size of the phone was a big headache for me when I don wish to bring a bag during outing. Now the problem was solved and I was so happy haha. 

auntie with the nyonya shoes~ sewing all the manik one by one on the shoes~ 

Kids enjoy their free draw on the road with the coloured chalk. they were so creative in drawing, and it decorated the road on Beach Street beautifully. 

Since it was Chinese New Year, so people were writing calligraphy, for free ^^ calligraphy is one of the most important culture for Chinese, I cant said I mastered it but at least I wrote it well coz Im proud to be a Chinese. 

Teenagers were playing roller blade on the street, and they had more space to show off their skill to the public haha. This is the fun part of the activities, we can do whatever we like on the street ( as long as we obey the rules). 

A sifu was teaching the public how to fold the paper into a horse. It took quite a long time so I did not stay until the end. very hot ar.. why horse? this year is Horse Year for Chinese haha. 

This was the crowd on the street that day. Crowded? still OK, if compared to the chinese new year festival at the night at the same location. That one was totally horrible with the crowd haha. 

Happy Horse Year to everyone!! This was the main street for the Chinese New Year celebration at night, love the plate, look gorgeous and ohm. 

accidentally found a nice place to take photo near the oldtown haha. 

So this is it!! the occupy beach street project on every Sunday from 7am to 1pm in Penang Beach Street in Georgetown. No car is allowed, but scooters, bicycles, roller blade bla bla bla are welcome! support this event, make Penang even famous than ever haha 

**they had a theme and different activities every week, so check out their updates in the facebook for more performance that we should not miss out ^^
and there was once got the horse car leh, yerrr I want la I never tried it before ><

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  1. I was planning to go on that day as well, but too bad that I cant woke up..haha.. So at I didn't go le..hehe.. Thanks for the sharing~ =)

    1. haha waking up in the morning is the biggest problem in the world XD love the idea of this project, can go out have a walk than sit in front of computer ^^