UPM medic life 8~ Tapah Health Screening and Dogathon 2013

Here comes my story in medical life year 3 in UPM ^^ well, a lot of things happened around me recently. Some are sweet and some are bitter. A big change on me especially which makes most of my coursemates so shocked about it haha. So where should I started? maybe from an activities organised by Putra Medical Club ( PMC) with MMA ( Malaysia Medical Association) =))

So we went to Tapah for health screening for the orang asli few weeks ago, which I felt like it was more meaningful than a normal health screening in the city. Becoz of the transportation and lack of knowledge, most of the poor ppl among orang asli failed to get appropriate treatment before it was worsen. Besides, we really learnt a lot thru this program, served back the community with the knowledge that we had. I in charged for the eye screening with my frens together. There were a lot of screening that day, include dental care, cholesterol, blood glucose and blood cholesterol screening and etc. 

So we departed from K17 UPM around 6.30am in the morning @...@ I slept on the bus immediately after boarded on with cheng, pat, anne, and evian haha. Too tired. It took us around 2 hours and 30 minutes for the journey. Actually I had no idea where were heading to besides knew that it was a primary school in Tapah haha. Well, the air was quite refreshing after we reached. Let's start the day!! 

The outlook of the primary school. A very big difference from those BEAUTIFUL primary school in SK. but they really had a good view and good air here, which I really like it. 

The orang asli kids in the school area. They had a colouring competition in the school hehe

Another building in the school. Love the sky here, so blue~

Since I was "working" for the eye screening so I had no photo of it haha. Basically we checked for visual acuity test by using Snellen's chart and  cataract. Most of the ppl here had unbelievable 6/6 visual acuity level!! OK I sounds blind when I cant read until 6/9 even when I was wearing the contact lens haha. BTW we also found that some of the elders had cataract which they had no idea what cataract was until they nearly lost their light response in the affected eyes.... Wish they can get well soon 
Group photo together with frens with the field in the school as our background. we got around 120 ppl together haha. 

With my bestie Wan Cheng ^^

All of us with a balloon hehe. We are still young wat muahaha

session 2: Dogathon

Dogathon in UPM is an annual event, and yes, it is a dog festival !!! This year they came back with the theme of " Stone Age". The location is at Bukit Ekspo UPM Serdang hehe. This was the first time I joined the event although i adi spent 2 years more in UPM haha. Really had a lot of fun with lots of doggies that day. hehe. I went there with my frens~ sien, yen and joyce around 10am in the morning ^^
On the way to Bukit Ekspo, beautiful view in UPM. FYI, Dogathon is more than just a normal "Dogs Gathering", there was a lot of games for the doggie and the owners. and a lot of sponsor stalls to sell and promote their respective products for doggies. Actually I was thinking what will happen if I brought "Tiger" here~ the fattest cat in K17 haha. 

I could heard the barks from the doggies ( as a hello sign to their frens? haha) before I entered LOL. So lets boom the post today with lots of cute cute doggies~ OMO they were just too cute!! 
4 cute doggies when we were walking to the venue. They were so obedient to their owners and soooooo CUTE!!!

the couples of doggie~ i cant name the dog coz im not a vet haha. But still, I love them so much!!

Another rounds of cute doggies boom~ woohoo can I own one in future?? 

Me with the fluffy cao-cao. Pity this doggie leh the weather was so hot and it was so tired becoz of the hot weather until it needed a fan haha. Too much fur

met the course sweet couple in the Dogathon~ Shi Yie and Teik Siang <3 haha="" lovely.="" nbsp="" p="" so="">
The game site for doggies with lots of obstacles~ It is important to see the owner is close enough with the doggie or not haha. 

This cutie's owner let me hug it!! muahahaha I was so excited~ cute little thing ^^

Some beauty therapy available there~ Looks like this doggie wasnt really enjoy the therapy?? haha 

Me with  a big size dog~ it looks fierce but it was sipek sipek obedient which made it looked so adorable 

OK, BOOM the post with lots of cute doggies photo again 
OMO little creatures you melted my heart`~ 

I might look fierce but actually I am cute~ love me ya

With the girls at the Dogathon 2013 woohooo~ nice day nice weather nice event!! I miss the doggies so much huhu

and last, phewww.... something big happened on me
1.   I cut my hair into something very short, and I just dyed it into coffee brown today. Look handsome huh
2.   I am now single. and yes, I broke up. Some of my frens knew about it long time ago, sigh.... pretending to be OK looks so fake that time, LOL. Reason?? I also dunno the reason, just a sudden decision. 

Looks like im gonna find another one who can really compatible with my life and my temper? sounds so sorry but I wanna say:  Dear EX, you just let go a good girl, who you might not meet one again in future. But still wish you to meet your true love soon. I will get one in future, someone does not look like you at all. =)) 

Maybe this song is suitable as an ending??  

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