Penang La Vanille~

La Vanille~ A nice place for frens to enjoy cupcakes, macarons, pastries and some light western food to the most!!! and I am agree with it hehe. Part 3 of my food hunt diary~ La Vanille cafe!!

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La Vanille was our 2nd favourite cafe of the day out of 5 ( no.1 was Kwang Sang House hehe) becoz of its beautiful and relaxing environment and the yummy cakes~ yoohoo. We were so delighted with the decorations at every corner in the cafe, and even the toilet too!  girls love dessert and sweet food, and that is the reason y La Vanille can get our heart so easily hehe

We parked our car at New World Park as it is just within a walking distance opposite to La Vanille. And we found out that we were so stupid becoz there was a lot of parking space around the cafe =.= argggg..... should learn smart and not act smart next time. We reached there around 4.30pm for high tea. Planned to go to Victoria Fossa at first but it was not opening on that day. But sometimes surprises were unplanned ya, we never expected that we can have so much fun in La Vanille ^^

The cute and colourful cake decor topper~ for sale hehe. very creative and catchy. it really caught my attention and I was so curious about their function. 

Beautiful Von with the beautiful drawing in the cafe~ We chose to sit at the corner of the cafe ( coz we scared that we will disturb the others while chit-chatting haha. More privacy also la haha)

Beautiful cupcakes~ too bad I don have a sweet tooth but a sensitive tooth to sweet T..T 

So many cakes in the counter display!!! OMG my saliva was dropping all the way adi haha. Wish to have the red velvet cake but they stopped me from tat ( which was a surprise for me at the end!! hehe)

another lovely cupcakes but they were not available >..< can i have one bite?? just one bite haha

and honestly I have no resistant to this lovely cute cupcakes at all!!! these were just a sample display, you can make a pre-order if you wish to have them!! cute baby hehe

Beautiful decoration on the wall~ they used bricks as the background of the wall so it made the cafe looked more "antique" look haha

Here are some of the other decorations in the cafe~ very sweet hehe

So we ordered 3 macarons~ the blue cheese, coffee/chocolate I cant remember and a white chocolate. Personally I preferred the blue cheese the most!! wish they have more choices for us in our next visit

Apple Crumble Cheesecake RM 10.90
Eat me?? ya I am going to eat you don worry, just be patient haha. So happy that I did not have toothache when I ate macarons and the cheesecakes here! which means they were not too sweet, and just nice for high tea. scare of diabetes arrr haha

Fruity White Pear RM 7.90 and Peach Tea RM 4.90
We ordered two cups of tea. At first we wished to order English Tea but it was sold out. Then we thought that the fruity white pear came in a pot but it came with a mug. but hot water refilled was available and it was free. not bad la haha

Me played around with the cake topper~ wanna eat me? blek haha

Played around with the games available in the cafe while waiting our food to be served. This picture looked like Von was a giant ready to destroy the tower ( and yes she just collapsed the tower right after I took the picca, laughed die me). We played chess game at the same time too to kill our time. 

Tuna Croissant
Hungry jor, so we just ordered another set of light meal haha. We ate a lot huh!! Not bad the taste, the croissant smell so "seducing" haha. and it was very crunchy. 

I forgot to take picture of my birthday cake!! which was the red velvet cheese cake ( RM 9.90). huhu felt so touched to have besties to celebrate my 21st bday with me. the red velvet cheese cake was so awesome and I am going to have another try if I got the chance to visit La Vanille again.  

some self-picca in the toilet. and yes, toilet. They decorated every corner of the cafe, included the toilet haha. T..T I hate Monday Blue. 

My sampat look haha. wish my life can be as colourful as the rainbow in future. too dull and black recently. Time to change a new environment haha. 

The look of La Vanille with so many catchy and attractive cupcakes and macarons~ 

Posing together with besties together with the cartoon outside the cafe~ lots of fun!! haha. This is definitely a good place to have chit chat with bestie for a evening high tea ^^

La Vanille
Address           :  122 A Hutton Lane, 10500 Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour  :  Monday-Sat~ 11am-9pm.........Sunday 11am till 7pm
Contact            :  04-2264024

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