Penang Kwong Sang House~

Here is the first destination for our food hunt trip 2 days ago ^^ the Kwang Sang House. Ya in Chinese it sounds like a tailor shop, in fact, it was!! The owner for this Kwang Sang House owned another cafe in Love Lane known as Behind 50 hehe. Will try it out when I go back next time then. We all love this cafe so much, and we ranked it 1st place over 5 cafes that we had visited that day. What makes it so special?

We went to Kwang Sang House for our first meal of the day~ lunch hehe. We reached there around 12.30pm, and luckily still early for lunch time so we can easily get a nice corner to enjoy our meal hehe. But the parking lot is a problem there, as Lebuh Leith had limited parking lots. So we parked our car at a hotel carpark not far away, which costed us about RM5 for 3 hours ++  EMO...

How to spot the Kwang Sang House? It was so easily spotted with the red colour signboard haha. And it is located opposite the mosque in Lebuh Leith. Strategic location huh hehe. 

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I can spot you easily ^^ 

We were welcomed by the waitress in the cafe and she was very friendly. She recommended us some of the signature food in the cafe so we can make our order. The environment in the cafe was very satisfying and comfortable, with some smooth and old music haha. We really had our time here. And the food were so tasty and reasonable for us, so I would like to recommend this place to my frens in future ^^

The menu in the cafe~ cute right? hehe

Beautiful plant decoration on the table~ 

chit chat with the girls. It is wonderful when you can have a gathering with ur besties again, we knew each other for more than 10 years adi!!! we are frens since primary school. really appreciate this friendship that I owned. They really made my life so beautiful. 

Some decorations in the cafe. Look very old fashion but tidy. The theme of this cafe is a old time tailor shop. So we can see a lot of antiques to make clothes here. 

the colourful cloths decoration at the counter which caught my attention when I first stepped in the cafe. 

We can see a lot of antiques displayed on the rack. such as old time iron at the second rack, at the highest with the old time sewing machine. this machine was using hand power to operate it, while I had one operated with leg in my old house hehe. 

We ordered for mocktail as drinks. FYI, mocktail is a non-alcoholic beverage ( contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume). Here they use fruits and soda as the combination for mocktail. I tried mocktail before in the Tree Monkey in Tropical Spice Garden and I really love it haha. In this cafe, they had some choices for mocktail with a pretty name for each ^^ 

What a coincident when you found out that our drinks resembles traffic light colour!!! muahaha I swear we did not order it like this on purpose d. We laughed when the waitress served our drinks haha. Mocktails are RM 7.90 each =)) Guess which one is mine
 From left to right:     Summer ( watermelon mocktail ) , Pretty Lady ( Lychee), Green Field ( Green Apple)

Yaya preferred to have Banana smoothie hehe. nice taste also
Banana Smoothie RM 6.90

me and Von with our mocktails again. Mine one tasted the best!! yes, I am the Pretty Lady muahaha. I love lychee so much~ like my grandma, LOL 

A beautiful corner~ they had 2nd floor with books collection. Too bad they said it was not available for lunch time so we cannot go up to take photos T..T never mind, I will come back again hehe

Here it is!! Our lunch! Pizza ^^ we ordered 2 ppl portion for the food so we can fill our tummy with lots of nice food after that hehe. 
Chicken Bacon Pizza RM16.90
MUST TRY!! the pizza was so crunchy and so cheessyyyy. I love cheese so much. The chef was not stingy on the ingredients which made us so happy to enjoy the food haha. and it smelled good also which made us so hungry before the food was served on our table. YUMMY!! we rated it as 9/10. 

Pamijana Spaghetti RM16.90
Another food which was recommended by the waitress and our taste buds enjoyed it the most. The chicken on top of the spaghetti was so juicy and tasty. rate it as 8/10 =))

** what is so best about this cafe is they don have service charge and government tax!! haha so happy 

 Love the way how they decorated their counter with beautiful mugs. And colourful cloths also. haha. 

Say cheeze to Kwang Sang House before we left!! definitely I will come back for it again~ 

Kwong Sang House (廣生洋服)

Asian Restaurant and Café in George Town
36, Lebuh Leith
George TownPenang 10200
Mon-Wed & Fri-Sun  : 12.00pm-2.30pm, 6.00pm-11pm

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