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Deserted my bloggie for such a long time due to busy schedule @.@ tiap tiap hari hospital, clerking, PE, discussion, reading, studying bla bla bla. Now I understand the reason y someone felt so reluctant to talk to me after his working in Hospital LOL haha. 

Plan it since long time ago, to have an outing to Pavilion KL for birthday celebration for Hui Ching and Peng. Hehe. I seldom go to Pavilion coz cant afford the high expenditure there Xp. 21st birthday wat, so important hiak hiak. So we met with Peng in Pavilion after a short shopping and we decided to go for lunch in Fish & Co ^^  

To get to Pavilion: 
From Kl sentral  :   walk to monorail station, from KL sentral station, board down on the 5th station Bukit Bintang. From the station, turn right and see H&M. Along the road then will reach to Pavilion. 

From Serdang   :  ktm to Bandar Tasik Selatan station, interchange to LRT ( Sentul Timur) to Hang Tuah station. Then interchange to monorail and head to Bukit Bintang station. 

If you love seafood especially fish & chip, Fish & Co is a nice place for recommendation for the conducive and relaxing environment in the restaurant. Quite similar to Manhanttan, both are seafood based. Fish & Co served all their food in a unique style~ The Mediterranean style with pan!! So they have something special to avoid their tables from heating, lets see below haha. 

The entrance of the Fish & Co. We were welcomed warmly by the workers and chose a place with good lightning to sit. The restaurant was quite dark and dimmed inside even in the afternoon!!

Hui Ching and Ruyi~ took a lot of photos while waiting for our food hehe. 

Me and Peng~ one of my best fren in UPM. I guess tis was her first appearance in my blog? coz I seldom hang out with her haha. 

Together with my lovely coba Lok Yee and Peng in the restaurant~ 

We ordered 3 sets of complete set of fish and chip ( with drinks, either passion fruit or kola tonic, and a soup of the day with another addition of RM7.95 ). We can also change the chips in the set into rice, mashed potato or coleslaw. Wish to order for seafood platter but scare cannot finish the food haha. So, all end up with fish and chips. 

Soup of the day~ basically it is a mushroom soup with some carrot and some vege? the taste was quite not bad for me. Coz almost all western restaurant will serve mushroom soup for appetizers. The serving was quite fast enuf. perhaps some cheese powder will make the soup nicer? hehe

Lok Yee's  Red Velvet cake ( RM 9.95). 
really recommended for tis!! the cake just melted in my mouth in the first bite, and it was not too sweet for me ( I allergy to sweet, toothacheT..T ) Limited desserts were available in the list, so we chose for the special one hehe. 

My Italian fish and chips ( RM16.95)
 slurrrppp~ nom nom nom. erm, rated for 7/10, not the best fish and chip I had but not the worst fish and chip that I had too. just nice for a meal hehe. ( had the worst fish and chip ever in Clarke Quay Singapore =..= nightmare!!)  The sauce was quite OK for me hehe. 

New York Fish and Chips with mashed potato. ( RM16.95)
Tis girl was so happy with her meal. Basically besides the sauce on the fish, I do not really appreciate what was the difference between the 4 sets of fish and chips that we ordered, LOL. They put the nation flag on the food to prevent confusion. hehehe

Swiss Fish and Chips ( RM16.95) 
the menu listed that this one can give a refreshing sense like Alps mountatin. Hui Ching ar do you have this kind of feeling?? muahahaha

Ruyi with her Best Fish and Chips with Rice  ( RM14.95)
The menu listed there that this set of fish and chip was awarded before so she decided to give it a try. The taste was not bad to me 

The bar corner in the Fish & Co. Guess it will look prettier in the night time? 

Here it is!! The magic items to prevent the pan from heating and damaging the wooden table~ the Fish Bone!! We put our flags on the fish bone haha. nice one to attract the customers and at the same time take care of their properties well. 

One corner in the Fish & Co. there was a VIP sitting area behind, with another 20% charge. suitable for a private dining or a bday party? hehe

the look of the entrance of Fish & Co~ spacious and not congested, so every customer can dine in comfortably. 

A group photo together with the entrance of Fish & Co ^^ nice place to dine in, will bring my family for a dine when they come to KL next time then hehe

Our outing ended like tis?? NO way!! it was just a beginning. Then we had a crazy shopping from Pavilion to H&M, with all the shopping bags, LOL. then we went to Komugi cafe in Tokyo Street Pavilion to buy some cake as a birthday cake for Peng and Hui Ching, ya the birthday girls hehe. 

Zahha Chocolate cake slice ( RM 7.50) and Double cheese cake slice ( RM 9.00). yummy yummy ^^ feel so happy to have 3 different flavors of cakes in a day without toothache!! LOL

Happy 21st Birthday to the Birthday Girls Peng and Hui Ching ^^ Stay pretty and happy forever ya =)) 

And we ordered some buns in Komugi Cafe. the Fuwa Fuwa cheese bun ( RM 3.90) and the honey pumpkin ( RM3.50). the fuwa fuwa cheese bun was totally awesome with the cheese!! Love it so much. The honey pumpkin was actually a kaya bun with pumpkin look, LOL

Fish & Co
Lot C4.02.00, Level 4 Pavilion KL ( just below the GSC) 
no.168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL

Contact no  :  03-21411350
Website      :

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