Broga Hill in the morning~

Heard of Broga Hill ( Located in Semenyih, Selangor, which is near to University of Nottingham) since long time ago and I wish to visit it so much! instead of visiting, maybe I should say hiking haha. LOL but at the same time I was so lazy for exercise. Since my parents were fetching me back to UPM after raya, I suggested to them to go for hiking and they agreed for it. Thanks to Daddy and Mummy ^^ woohoo, finally I got the chance to leave my footprint there. 

So what is so special about Broga Hill? It is called as "Bukit Lalang" in Malay, which means the hill has lot of lalang which grows abundantly with a local species of grass than big tall trees. This hill is a popular attraction for locals, and of coz, university students haha. The spectacular view from the hill is the biggest attraction and favourite hotspot for sunset and sunrise view. The parking fees is RM2 in the palm oil estate during weekend and public holiday. The entrance of the estate is located opposite to a rabbit farm. 

We went there around 7am from Mid Valley, and we thought that it was really late for us. Wat we expected to wait for us ahead was extremely hot Sun and lots of sweating. But out of our expectation the weather just nice and the blue sky was beautiful enuf for photos. We passed by University of Nottingham and reached there around 10-15 minutes later. Warming up ourselves, we were ready for the hiking!! There was 2 lanes for the hiking, Broga Hill and Gunung Tok Wan. 

Me and Daddy in front of the signboard. Definitely I will come back again for the second, third time and coming on haha. 

beautiful scene in the palm oil estate. 

mummy and daddy on the track up to the hill. Be careful with steps as some of the soil was so muddy and some of it was so slippery. Good stamina is needed for this challenge!!

There was 2 lanes in the middle. the right one is the easier one but longer, so it takes more time for that. The left one is the steeper one becoz of 2 big rocks as the obstacles. But it is a shorter route. We chose for the left one that day as we did not have much time for it. Mom just wanna enjoy the view ASAP haha.

The look of the lane along the way~ I was really amazed by myself, How I did it?? OMG. 

The look of the first hill of Broga Hill before we climbed up to it. We took around 30 minutes time to reach the top of the hill. Quite fast hehe. coz the hill was not really high hehe. There was 3 peaks in total, the first one and the 2nd one had better view than the 3rd one cz the 3rd peak was blocked by some trees.  

Finally, we reached the first peak of Broga Hill! A spectacular view, combination of oil palm estate, rainforest, village, town and University of Nottingham. We were so excited with the view hehehe. Love the blue sky so much. It was so close to me and I felt that I can touch the cloud ( hallucination la haha) 

beautiful scene from the Broga Hill with lots of Lalang and some rocks as the decoration in green =))

such a sweet couple~ neh i wanna took picture at that rock too, but they just.... sat there for around an hour more! OMG.. I can imagine how sweet it is when me and Steven sit there together and have a sweet chat, while my frens curi-curi take pictures of us behind. muahaha

Me and mummy sat on the rock on the first peak, and had 2nd peak on the hill as our background. Totally fall in love with the scenery here. And out of our expectation, it was not hot at all there, as it was so windy and refreshing. We spent around an hour more on the peak of the hill for photos.

Rararaa me with some funny pose. 

Daddy, mummy, me with the 2nd peak as the background. Long time I did not spend my time with them like this for some outdoor activities becoz I was so busy with my academic activities, same goes to daddy and mummy. 

View of the first peak. 

Mummy at the rock of the 2nd peak. the peaks were close enuf to each other and it took us around 5-10 minutes from one peak to another. Oh yeah we reached the peak of the Borga Hill around 9.30am.

The view of the first peak of Broga Hill from the 2nd hill. The lane and the rocks created a beautiful drawing on the hill =)) It would be much more better if the hill is totally green in colour. 

Lalang~ I forgot wat is the English name adi haha

Me sat on the rock with the peak of the first hill as the background. Wont regret to have a healthy exercise here!! hehe. It was so relaxing to enjoy the fresh air here. 

Before we went back~ can imagine how steep the lane will be when you need a rope to keep yourself balance and avoid of rolling down XDD

The rabbit farm opposite the entrance of the parking lot for Broga Hill

Borga Hill is really a good place for exercise and hiking together with frens and family. Most important it is FOC! ( besides weekend hehe) It took us around 3 hours for the whole journey, as we spent a lot of time on photographing on the top of the hill. The best time for sunrise is 5.30am from the car park ( torchlight is need for that); for sunset is around 4.30pm. ~ depends on individual fitness level

And small reminder here, Plz take care of our nature and do not litter anywhere. Feel so angry to see rubbish along the lane and on the top of the hill. Got Gardenia plastic, McD bottle ( =..=), egg tray, and lots of plastic bags. So far I did not see a used condom there la ( yuckss).

Proper attire is advised for the hiking, becoz the hill is really steep. Don wear slipper! and wear proper sports attire if feasible. Enjoy the hiking to the maximum and hope you have fun with my blog =))
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