Lunch at Chai Diam Ma~

Another food hunting, tis time, Im not going with mummy or Steven, but with 2 of my best frens together~ A Beh and Miss Helena haha. We went for Ceruk Tuk Kun for hiking that morning, then went to Penang for food after a bath. A Beh suggested for Chai Diam Ma in Lebuh Queen, so we just decided to try it out. I cant really remember how many cafe that I had visited before adi haha. 

What is Chai Diam Ma? It is grocery store in Hokkien dialect.  The grocery stores in Penang is facing a big challenge in future due to the presence of supermarket nowadays. Most of them closed down becoz lack of business or no ppl to take over the store. In my childhood memory, grocery store was a place where I can get my candy and junk food easily. ya, all I care is about junk food in the store Xp. 

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Although this cafe named as Chai Diam Ma, but it is not a grocery store. It is a old style cafe with lots of DIY items for sale. For me, this place will be better if they have a higher ceiling so it makes the ventilation better. It was too hot inside the cafe until I cant really enjoy my meal there. The tauke was very nice to introduce their signature food to us. As a result, all of us had carbonara as lunch that day muahaha. 

 Me and Miss Helena in the backyard of the cafe. They decorated it quite well but it was quite hot for us to dine there so we chose to dine indoor. Miss Helena was so excited as this was her first time to visit this kind of cafe =)) 

The interior design and the counter of the cafe~ 

A dining corner with the sofa. Again, it was too hot for us there so we chose to sit near to the counter. One of the difference of Chai Diam Ma with other cafes is it is not air-conditioned. 

Cute DIY dolls items for sale. But I cant afford to get them because of their price T..T

Cute kitten pillow~ 

A corner with all the old times toys~ most of the cafes provide this kind of toys, so we can have a flashback of our memory? haha also a good way to kill the time while waiting for our food to be ready. 

Now, it is food time!! well I lost the receipt ( not sure if Mr.Beh took it, so I cant really remember the price of the food)

Mr Beh with his hot chocolate~ They provided brown sugar too for the taste~

Miss Helena's passion fruit drink with syrup~ a lot of biji biji until she gave up to finish the drink at the end XD

My watermelon juice~ wanna ordered for something special actually, but the choices was quite limited. 

And here it is, FOOD!! All of us ordered for carbonara although the rice was available haha

First one, Mr Beh's sausage with bacon carbonara. It was not as creamy as we thought, but it was really cheesy. Hmm, although Im a cheese lover, but I think tis was a bit too much for me. 

My cheese carbonara with bacons and mushrooms. Know the reason why~ MUSHROOM!!

Miss Helena's Cheese Carbonara with salmon. erm, the salmon tasted a bit weird for me......

Miss Helena as my model~ actually the model shooting is not allowed in the cafe, so this was actually a random shot for her hehe

The backyard in the Chai Diam Ma


Say goodbye to Chai Diam Ma ^^

Chai Diam Ma
15, Queen Street, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
12pm till 9pm except Tuesday

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