UPM medic life part 7~

Since a long long time ago I updated myself about my life as a medical student in UPM. So, now I am a third year medic students in UPM, say HI to clinical life and say goodbye to pre-clinical. Honestly, pre-clinical and clinical years have a obvious difference until we need to take 2 weeks time to adapt to the new environment. Will talk more about it later hehe~

First Part: Professional Exam

So here I passed my professional exam successfully during May 2013 ( thanks God) and get a ticket to third year. Professional exam was really a tough one since I needed to swallow every notes and knowledge that I had learnt thru out this 2 years, spilled it out in the exam. I used 1 month time to prepare for the exam, set a target that I must study at least 10 notes a day. Well, human are lazy, so do I, I tried my best to follow the schedule but most of the time I was left behind X..X  It was quite torturing during that 1 month time as our daily routine were : CLASS, EAT, STUDY.

Stress was totally overload during the study week time. Felt like wanna break down that time coz it was really tough for us to go thru. Really have a phobia to open up my eyes in the morning as I knew that tonnes of notes and exercise were waiting for me. Luckily my Boyfie was kind enuf to do revision for me ( He was having Professional exam 3 that time). Personally I was not the kind of "hardworking" students who can went to meet doctors and asked for guidance. Most of the time I preferred to study in the room myself or study together with Steven ( boyfie), or had a small discussion with frens. Making own notes is very important all the time to make sure that I understood WTH I was studying.

Professional exam was divided into 3 days, which consisted of  MCQ ( minus marking and single best choice answer), SAQ, something like PBL answering and OSPE. Squeeze my brain so hard that time to pass the exam. But until now I did not know my exact result yet ( just pass/fail). It was one of the most horrible exam that I ever had in my life. Some of my frens totally depended on TIPS for the study [ well there was a question leakage all the time during the exam, all I can say is non of the exam is a fair exam here]. This was not really a good phenomenon, coz you don really mastered what you should know. Don study just for exam as it was extremely risky in future. Especially comes to clinical year, honestly.

Second part~ Research time

Ouuucchh, this one really a long marathon nightmare to me. Yes I had a lot of holiday in my Sem 4, but the process was really frustrating. Poor efficiency from the office for all the documents required made the things worst. We had total 130 students in my batch, and we were divided into 57 groups, each group with 2/3 students. Honestly this number was not sufficient to perform a good research study thruout the time. We really lack of manpower ( I got 2 ppl include myself in the group only )

My research supervisor was a nice doctor from O&G department, Dr Anizah while my co-supervisor was my physiology lecturer Dr Rafidah. Both of them really nice and guided us a lot in the research, really learnt a lot from them. I was doing a community based research among medical students in K17, with the title of  "Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards HPV vaccination among medical students in UPM". Basically our research was divided into 2 types: community and hospital based, primary data or secondary data. For my frens who were performing the research in hospital, lots of procedure they had to go thru such as application of NMRR. In short, the research was OK, but the procedure was frustrating and troublesome.

Although I was doing the research among medical students in K17, but some of the respondents were not co-operative enough. Luckily, I still manage to achieve the minimal response rate required ( and yeah I cheated some of the info to minimise the non-response rate). We learnt how to analyse our data by using SPSS version 21 and read a lot of useful articles about our research ( we called it Literature review) and it really widens my knowledge angle. We got 3 presentations in total : proposal, data analysis and final presentation, judge by doctors and statisticians to improve our research and their validity.

I worked quite well with my groupmate Asyraful, and we really spent a lot of money, time and effort just to make our research better. I cant really believe that I wrote a thesis with my fren when I was only second year, until I received my hard cover report from the photostat shop. Gosh the printing fees was so expensive X...X. Thanks to my groupmate and my doctors for the research ^^ Dr Anizah treated us a fantastic dinner in Red Wok Bangi after our final presentation, so nice!! In return we bought Ferrero Rocher chocolate for doctors haha.

** Enjoy this sem to the maximum before entering clinical years is very ESSENTIAL!! should have more travelling that time d >< went to Singapore only then stick my ass in Penang most of the time.

Dinner treat with my supervisor~ Dr Anizah and Dr Rafidah ^^ thank you very much for the guidance all the time ^^ 

My thesis book! pewww~ what a relieve everything had finished haha

Third Part~ Clinical Years

Well will just briefly describe about my clinical years now. What is the main difference about pre-clinical and clinical? During pre-clinical, I can enjoy my study comfortably ( actually study blindly ) in the room with notes and text books. While in clinical years, I had to attend to bed-side teaching in hospital and polish my practical skill most of the time in the ward, which was extremely tiring. And this is the reason why I seldom update my blog this month, due to exhaustion after I came back from hospital around 5pm, took a rest and started my study. When pre-clinical focused more in theory, clinical years emphasis in practical, in my phase, clerking and physical examination ( inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation) . 

I started my clinical year with surgery posting first. I will go thru 2 major posting before my final exam in April next year, surgery and medicine posting. Currently I am in the Introduction of Medicine, and will proceed to the real surgery posting next week. It was a totally new experience for me coz I can observe on what I had learnt so far in the text book. But it was not really a good sign when ppl was having this kind of diseases. Some of the cases were really important and it was a learning case for us such as heart murmur, appendicitis and lumps.

 I wish to thanks to all the patients for giving me a chance to learn their diseases, and performed physical examination by system to polish up my skills. Not forget to thank my buddy seniors Flora and Shu Feng for the guidance and briefing on the equipments in wards and how to clerk and perform PE, and senior David to teach me how to appreciate murmur ( I was too stupid to listen to the difference that time made him so frus LOL) and gave me a chance to entered the procedure room to witness the chest tube insertion for underwater seal and pleural tapping. It was really a good learning chance for me. And my pity frens who sacrifice their arms for me to learn venupuncture Xp.

Venupuncture learning~ the yellow colour is the puncture site hehe. together with my fren's blood. 

Talk about clinical practice, there was something which I cant really accept for, the GENDER problem. Some conservative thinking ppl in my class think that we should avoid contact with the different gender patient, or even lecturers when they asked for volunteers. As a medical student, a future practician, which one is more important? gender or a human life? What if there is a male patient presented with unconsciousness and loss of breathing, and only female doctor is present at the scene? 

Well this is a critical question as it looks like having a intimate contact with someone. But in fact, we are not practising mouth to mouth CPR since my last duty in ambulance. For hygiene purpose we choose to use face mask, supply with the air pump. What if there is totally nothing around? I really wish that these fellow coursemates can be more rational in this matter. If we are prohibited from touching the opposite sex patient ( exceptional for female patient, chaperon must be accompanied for that), so how we are going to learn about O&G or breast cancer, prostate cancer what so ever? They always said they emphasise on gender equality, in fact the status of female were badly depressed for that. This is not a protection, but a restriction. I am OK to perform a physical examination on a male patient, but not alone for my own safety purpose. This is a 21st century and I have no idea why there is still a bunch of ppl to have such a old-thinking idea. 

Well it was a bit lengthy here haha. Gonna say goodbye to my blog again as tomoro morning I got class at 9am. Tired!! bye bye haha
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  1. is there any way to connect with you? may i ask about the interview?

    1. Hi, u can contact me via my email celinecy92@hotmail.com =)

    2. Or u may contact "alces ong" from facebook ya. Do drop me any msg if u have any questions ^^

    3. Or u may contact "alces ong" from facebook ya. Do drop me any msg if u have any questions ^^

  2. I hope you write this post when you just woke up in the morning or when you were about to sleep.... yeah, after coming back from that Hospital visit..

  3. I hope you write this post when you just woke up in the morning or when you were about to sleep.... yeah, after coming back from that Hospital visit..