Eighty Tree Cafe Lebuh Cintra

Yeah yeah food hunting season again haha. Last Sunday after visited my cousin in USM ( freshie orientation!!), me and my mom decided to take our dinner first before we went back to Butterworth. I went to so many cafes in Penang before and I don wish to repeat it before I explore all of them Xp, so greedy. So, i suggested to mummy to dine in Eighty Tree Cafe, located in Lebuh Cintra, which I found it via instagram threesixtyus. Check out their android apps threesixty.us in the android market, I have no problem to find food to eat in Penang after I got tis apps muahahha

So we went there around 6pm, and parked our car along the road junction of Lebuh Campbell and Lebuh Cintra. It locates at 83, Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown. Look for their catchy green colour building among the grey colour pre-war houses. And once again, blame myself for overconfident with my Note 2, the photo quality did not reach my expectation. Next time must bring camera along adi. 

Their signboard with a catchy green colour wall~ Dont miss it haha. As you can see from this photo, it located near to the Wisma Rasidah. 

As a introduction, Eighty Tree cafe serves meal as well as high tea. This is one of my concern everytime when I decided to visit a cafe is to make sure they got main dishes, FOOD FOOD FOOD. **hehe, their chicken chop, grilled fish and lamb chop are their signature food in this cafe. Dont forget to try their candy floss toast too! muahaha saliva is dropping out from my mouth again adi. 

the interior design of the cafe~ they wrote their menu on the blackboard. Well the seats and tables are quite limited, depends on luck adi haha. We were quite lucky that day becoz it was still early for dinner. According to the waiter there ( not sure is waiter or tauke haha, so I would like to call him as Mr.83 haha), the cafe was not as popular as The mugshot due to its location.  ( Lebuh Chulia vs Lebuh Cintra) 

Some beautiful plants as decoration on the wall~ Again, the wall is the place for the owner of the shop to make full use of their creativity~ =))

a corner with lots of photos and some books for the customers to read while waiting for their food~ There is a quote at this corner which caught my attraction, the meaning is almost like that " In a relationship, when you try to change a person to suit you, that is a war; when you try to accept the bad side of you partner instead of asking for a change, that is a life". Nice right? hehe

Some quotes on the blackboard near the counter. Quite meaningful quotes~ Life just like drinking a cup of coffee, it involves just 2 simple action: lift it up, put it down =)

A cute corner with Ukelele and a cute red HAND ( hey I got exactly the same one in my room) nice place to take picture~

Another book corner near the counter with some mug and bookshelf~ Really a nice place to dine here, it was so relaxing! hehe me and mummy felt very enjoyable here. and she said nice recommendation haha.

So now comes to their food~

This is their menu in the cafe~ isnt it a creative DIY?? can see that the tauke of this cafe put a lot of effort in running the business. The Mr.83 was so kind and nice enough to recommend and explain to us some food and drinks in the cafe~ awesome service!! 

have problem to choose the food just by words? well they put their food into a series of photo album like this to ease us in choosing.  

Mango Tea Milk Topping RM 6.90
Mr 83 recommended me to have this so I tried it out haha. I chose the all time favorite flavor~ MANGO! muahaha a layer of bubble on my mouth~ nice tea!!

Grilled Diavola Chop  RM 12.90
The name sounds so devil haha. Yupp, this is the popular dishes in this cafe~ chicken chop with mango sauce. For mango lover like me, yummy!! the chicken was really crispy and satisfying. the portion was just nice enuf for my mummy. ( but cannot filled my brother's stomach =..=). 

Grilled Fish with Garlic Sauce RM12.90
trust me you MUST MUST MUST try tis out if you visit this cafe! it tasted like food in heaven for me ( erm, a bit over haha, but it tasted superb!) I guess they used dory fish? such a nice combination for the fish and the garlic sauce. I cant explain how much I love my dinner that day. 

**they did provide set meal for dinner, with 1 mushroom soup, 1 main dishes and 1 cup of drinks. But we did not order for the meal becoz we wanna try something else. BTW thanks to the warm service in the shop 

Candy Floss Toast  RM 6.90
And yupp, another popular dishes that we ordered. This was the one caught my attention in instagram haha. The toast was crunchy ( I had no idea why I love toast so much recently haha). Maybe becoz I got toothache so I cant really eat a lot of marshmallow that day. Still thumbs up haha

Some little decoration on the table. Each table got different little decorations.

Eiffel Tower and an antique camera on the bookshelf near the counter~

Another collections of small cups and some cute decorations on the shelf near the entrance~ 

Triumph to the sky on the ceiling muahahah

The outlook of the Eighty Tree cafe~ Welcome their guests~
Highly recommended hehe ^^
heard that they got a branch named 83 (classic ) restaurant in Butterworth, how come I dunno d >< need to pay a visit when I go back next time adi

Eighty Tree Cafe
Address                :   83, Lebuh Cintra, 10100 Penang, Malaysia
Operating Hours   :    11am to 10pm ( closed on Monday)
Specialities           :     lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks
Contact                :    04-2630361
Facebook page    :     https://www.facebook.com/eightytree

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