Aussie Perth Pinnacles Tour~

Here I'm back again to blog haha. So busy with my new semester. Will update more about my 3rd year uni life soon hehe. Step into a totally different journey adi~ 

Today gonna blog about my Perth tour last year, one year anniversary post? LOL haha. I blogged about my Perth tour in Fremantle, on the street, Swan River and lobster feast before, and now, it is the turn for one of the most incredible point of attraction in Perth~ the Pinnacles!! We booked the day tour from Australian Pinnacles Tour, and we assembled at the King's Hotel for the transfer to Barrack Square around 7.15am. This tour was different from half day tour in Fremantle, this one was really exhausting but at the same time we had double fun for the tour!! We departed from Perth city around 8.30-9am and reached back to Criterion Hotel around 8pm at night @.@ 

for more details about the booking, plz refer HERE 

Photo with the nice tour guide and driver of the day~ He just like a friendly grandpa to me!! Thank you very much for all the travelling! 

First stop of the day, we reached the Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley to view Koalas and hand feed Kangaroos ( excited to the most haha), of coz, a photo session with the cute wombat in the park. We had a warm welcome from the workers of the wildlife park and the wildlife professional separated us into 2 groups to see kangaroos and Koala to ensure we had the best opportunity for animal interaction =)

First koala ever in my life!! It was extremely cute! and they moved quite slow Xp They lived in the closed area, becoz they were so fragile and faced with extinction so they needed extra care. I thought Koala was small but it fact it was quite big! Hi Koala!! love you so much ^^ OMG it was too cute I cant resist it while I am writing now haha. We were told that not to use flashlight when took picture coz Koalas were sensitive to it =))

mummy with the Koala~ it was so shy shy but sat like a boss on top of the tree LOL haha

Then we moved to the Kangaroo enclosure~ with a natural environment and FOC! haha. I don really remembered how I got the food, but it was extremely fun to feed to kangaroos with my own hand. I saw Kangaroos before in the zoo but this was the first time I had such a close contact with them!! cute as usual!! And I was so lucky to see a joey with its mom! 

Me with the white kangaroo~ I never know that kangaroo can be in white colour lol haha. Saw the kangaroo behind it? there was a joey inside its pouch~ 

me and mummy fed the kangaroos together. They can hop very far distance, wow~ And the red Kangaroo looked like a big bully to the white one haha. 

Say Hello to Wombat!! haha I had no idea what this animal was before until I google it. Another icons in Australia. Wombat is as cute as Kangaroo and Koala too!! a bit plump plump with a hairy nose and big tummy~ muahahha

We stayed about an hour in the park. And obviously it was not enough for us but we needed to head to the next venue. We travelled to a lobster fishing town in Cervantes for lunch. As I posted about it before about my lobster shack in Perth. 

Along the way to the lobster fishing town~ different view like Malaysia~ 

We visited the lobster factory first before we had our lunch. It was a nice experience for us to visit the factory. We were provided a electronical translator each so we can understand more about the classification of the lobsters. 

me with the huge size lobster!!! As big as my face OMG haha 

Our lunch of the day~ lobsters!!! yummy yummy yummy~ the best lunch in Perth ever haha. 

After lunch and battery recharging, we headed to Nambung National Park for the focus of the day~ mystical Pinnacles Dessert~ well, this was my first visit to dessert too! I was really amazed by the fascinating landscape in the park with all the pinnacles~ praise the work from the nature! 

with mummy before we walked into the path~ the wind was quite strong that time due to the season, together with all the sands ( since we were in the dessert) oh gosh my eyes, I needed sunglasses for it haha. 

Yeah!! the pinnacles!! Im so lucky to have the chance to view this amazing national creation!! I visited a larger "jungle of stone" in Kunming, Yunnan before and both were amazing! I cant really describe how beautiful this place was with words, so, I will share it with pictures~

The pinnacles~

Together with mummy~ 

In the half way we met a heavy rain ( or drizzle? not stormy rain but suddenly like water pouring from the sky, and here had no place for hiding T..T my umbrella was sacrificed here ) 

continue my photos with the pinnacles~

Then we walked to the exhibition hall in the national park to understand more about the formation of the pinnacles~ We did not take much photos becoz both of us not really interested in it Xp

Yoohoo, get ready for our last destination of the day~ massive white sand dunes in Lancelin~ I had an adventurous experience here with the 4 wheel driving ( of coz not me drove la) and the sand boarding! The best ending of a trip ever~ my adrenal grand kept on secreting lots of adrenaline for both of the activities!! haha wat a thrilling adventure than roller coaster! 

me with the white sands as the background~ I was stepping on a white sand dessert not beach huh haha. saw the small hill behind me? that was the place that I was having my sand boarding later

view in the car during the 4-wheel driving~ beautiful sunset, pure blue sky, white sands, best combination ever~ this is the reason why I love travelling so much~

last photo of the day~ My sand boarding!! haha actually it just a normal board and what we needed was slide ourselves from the top of the hill. Look forward for snow boarding if I got $$ lol haha. 

Good day everyone!! continue with my busy schedule~ huhuhuhu. gonna wait for the airasia zero fare tonight! I want to go for travel laaarrrrrr

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