RM1 Bus CIty Tour at Putrajaya~

What is the best way to visit Putrajaya in a short time by taking public transport? Forget about taxi, lets take the RM1 city bus tour in Putrajaya!

I knew this activities since a long time ago but I just have no time for it before, so today since Im free in the morning, I decided to get a solo trip to Putrajaya by taking the RM1 Bus City Tour at Putrajaya. For me it is very convenient and it is the best thing to visit Putrajaya becoz they had an excellent and awesome tour guide in the bus~ Pak Cik Halim, a retired yet energetic old man. I had a very good moment with the tour, and know some new frens from Australia ( my all time dreamland!!) and Taiwan. 

How to get the bus trip? It is a 2 hour bus trip, there is 2 session, morning 11am and the evening 3pm at Putrajaya Sentral. If you are from KL, just take KLIA Transit to reach to Putrajaya and head to the information counter for registration. And yes, it costs only RM1 per person for 2 hours guided tour.Please take note that this bus trip is only available on Saturday and Sunday only. 

Sharp at 11am, we hopped on the bus and start our city tour~ We passed by the Seri Wawasan Bridge, which we should have the opportunity to go down and take picture, but since it was raining we cant do it ><

The building for Ministry of Finance Malaysia. A different feeling in a rainy day

Here we reached our first station of the day: Putra Mosque ( more famous to be known as Pink Mosque) in Persint 1. There is 2 big mosques in Putrajaya.

The pink pink Putra Mosque. Free entrance from 9am to 5pm daily. What is so special about a pink mosque? well 80% of it is on the water than the land. Some sort of floating mosque? hehe
A kind reminder:  Please respect the Muslim practice during the visit to the mosque, and keep in silence as it is a place for prayer. 

For girls, we need to get a robe before we entered the mosque, rent it for free at the counter. Polite attire is encourage during the visit ( means not short pants and sleeveless top)

The lamp inside the hall of the mosque~ found myself irresistible to beautiful lamp decoration 

Dome of the mosque~ the unique feature for an Islamic building. Found that Islamic design is actually quite beautiful here. 

The interior view of the hall of the mosque~ this is the first time I entered the hall of a mosque, although I stay in Malaysia for ages =..=. Tall, spacious, impressive~ My beautiful impression to this mosque.  

Took a pic with the dome of the mosque. My first time to wear a robe~ we need to cover our hair to toes during the visit of the mosque, as a respect. 

The gate of the mosque. It is free of charge for visit, but do take note that non-Muslims may not enter the mosque building itself when they are doing prayer. 

Next station: Perdana Putra. The landmark for Putrajaya~ the gargantuan complex of Prime Minister office. not sure is it still available for entrance or not. 

Perdana Putra~ 
Here I really impressed with the far-sight of Tun Dr Mahatir who plan this intelligent garden city~ 

Putra Mosque from the Dataran Putra. 

Here I am again~ actually I had no idea how many times I have been to here~ since im the only local in the bus besides Pak Cik Halim and the driver, I shall act like Im a visitor too haha

Next station: Seri Putra~ the official residence of Prime Minister of Malaysia. Not open to public recently.
Mr.Obama just had his lunch last month here according to Pak Cik Halim haha.
outlook of Seri Perdana~ 

The garden in front of the Seri Perdana~
 If you are observant enough, you will notice that the lampposts are different for each different street~ that makes Putrajaya a bit unique than others ^^

Our transport of the day~ just find " SEWA KHAS" on the digital board of the bus will do. 
well they will do a headcount everytime before departure, so we no need to worry to be left out during the trip. The bus is air-conditioned and comfortable. 

we also went to Istana Melawati but too bad we din get down to take photos~ it is a beautiful golden palace haha. Our king ( Yang di-Pertuan Agong)  did not live there, He lives in the palace in KL near Duta. If you have interest, maybe you can read some about our royal family in Malaysia coz it is different from other countries ^^ 

Then we had a short break when the bus drove into the main street, city centre of Putrajaya. 

selfie on the street~ should have better photo quality if it was a sunny day~ Putrajaya looks the best in hot sunny day with the awesome blue sky and white clouds~ 

have a hot or cold drinks over the 1 Malaysia mini mart~ some of the foreigners were curious with the "1", is it means that we want to be no.1? nope, it means that Malaysians should be united as one so we can make our beloved Malaysia a better one. 

After a short break, we went to the final destination of the day~ Putrajaya International Convention Centre ( PICC), dominantly located at the end of Putrajaya main street. from PICC we can have the best view of Putrajaya City at the highest point. Internet describe PICC looks like an UFO, but for local we think that it looks like a tortoise than an UFO, haha XDD

The breathtaking view from the top of PICC~ notice the Perdana Putra with the green dome? ya PICC and Perdana Putra is in a line with the Putrajaya main street. Maybe it is some sort of Feng Shui believe but I have no idea about it. 

A closer look of the Seri Gemilang Bridge~ The most beautiful bridge in the day time in Putrajaya. ( night time the no.1 is Seri Wawasan Bridge for the light show sorry Seri Gemilang). 
Although I love hot sunny day for a better photo quality, but the windy day give a comfortable feeling to everyone during the trip. 
And we were so lucky enough to have a free watch for aircraft performance when we were in PICC. Don have the photos coz my camera failed to catch the beautiful moment. I think there is a happening in Putrajaya that time. 

the overall look of Seri Gemilang Bridge during my last visit to Putrajaya. so now you agree that big hot sunny day is the best time to have photo shooting in Putrajaya right? haha

The PICC. I don get the chance to PICC during the last visit months ago as they were having convention that time. So do check with the schedule ya.

Finally, after 2 and a half hour bus trip, we get back to the origin Putrajaya Sentral. selfie with Pak Cik Abdul Halim who is a excellent tour guide to this trip ^^ Thank you so much Pak Cik haha. 
For any inquires can contact Captain Abdul Halim Hamzah at 03-8733 7344 or 017-880 3395, or visit the webpage of Perbadanan Putrajaya / Tourism Malaysia. 
* please note that the bus tour is mainly in English, chinese translation service is not provided

Putrajaya, I will visit you again, becoz Im not satisfied with the photos without my beloved blue sky and white clouds haha. Besides bus tour, there is also bike tour available in the parks in Putrajaya, such as Taman Wetland and Taman Botanic. Highly recommend to have a night bike tour at the night becoz Putrajaya wont disappoint you ^^ 

May take a cruise at Tasik Putrajaya too with RM30/person.  Putrajaya lake is an artificial lake. for me this city is young and beautiful, but at the same time as it lost the natural beauty of a city that it should have. well everything have both sides, don care so much and just have fun ^^ 
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  1. Well done celine, a good write up. I will there next week and will do this.

    1. Thanks! But sadly to say tis RM1 bus tour is no longer available since 2 years ago ><

  2. So, no RM1 bus tour anymore? why? So sad, I wanna be there in the next few months.