Cloud Forest and Park~ Garden by the Bay

We visited flower dome and cloud forest together in the Garden by the Bay with a cheaper price at $18 than $28 ( save $10 man) and for me it is really worth to visit both of this site. Too bad, we went to cloud forest too late and I cant really grab good photos in the dome ( "just admit it ur shooting skill is shit", from a bitchy fren). Cloud forest is really beautiful in the daytime, and of coz it looked so mysterious in the night time haha. 

Before we went in the cloud forest, we spent an hour time in the flower dome and we were told that we had to use the tickets in the same day. So plan changed again, we cancelled the laser light show over the Merlion Park, and get the supertree light show at 8.45pm. Cloud forest had the highest indoor waterfall with 35 metre tall, and we were ready to be impressed before we entered the dome ( from the photos in the daytime) 

and we were totally amazed by the night look of the waterfall!! purple colour! OMG this is so breathtaking. We never expected for that and we were so excited to take photo with this beautiful purple waterfall. 

and we were wondering what was this as it looks like a transformer from the ground. 

the mini-train model in the cloud forest~ nt sure what was the purpose ( yeah I din read the directory). maybe to attract kid's attraction, as this place might be boring for them. 

so we followed the footprint and took the lift to the mountaintop, now we knew what was the 'transfomer', it is actually an aerial view of the canopy walkway. and the mountain is actually a planted wall. This is the concept of a future forest look like and it is really impressive on how they designed it. For those with acrophobia, so sorry but you have to skip this walkway. 

the top of the waterfall from the walkway~ they projected the purple light from the wall. 

Outside the dome the supertree groove was having the lightshow~ beautiful huh

the reflection of the light to the ceiling of the dome. Surprise always there when we looked up!!  and hence, although we cant really have a clear aerial view of the cloud forest, we enjoyed the "pseudo-star" on the ceiling. 

at the second floor there is an exhibition on the formation of the stones in the cave. 
it reminds me of the beautiful wind cave in Kuching during my visit last year!!

the look of the walkway from the mountainside walkways at the second floor. 

The mini theatre to show the effect of the global warming after the GB model. 

We then passed by the "mist of forest" and get our way to the supertree groove. yes we spent an hour in the dome again and we were going to late for the show. If I got the chance to come to cloud forest again, I will come in the day time!!

The look outside the dome~ this is how they support such a big dome and make it classic~ Good job Garden by the Bay~ really a place worth to come and highly recommended. 
 for the light show, I wrote it last year adi so I wont rewrite it again this year hehe. This year I just find a spot and lie on the ground to enjoy the show~ 


how about the outdoor park? so before the outdoor park, there is a colourful underground from Bayfront MRT Station. 

and they have big mirrors~ muahahahaha time for photos girls. 

me with the red forest as the background. look fierce enuf hiak hiak. 

Pretty Yen with the Sakura backdrop. One day we will have the real sakura shooting ya. 

the overview of the underground. look bright and clean, and it is really safe~ no need to scare of pickpocket or robbery here and it is safe for girls to travel together or even alone. 

And this is the horrible storm that we met, once we stepped out from the underground. Totally speechless..... our schedule were totally disturbed and we were stuck for around 30 minutes for the rain to turn small. 

The tulip mania logo lamppost along the way to the flower dome~

and here we are, the supertree groove~ the sky was so clear after the stormy rain, and the ground was so wet for us to lie on. But we don scare haha. just find a good spot and wait for the show to begin~ 

The main "actor" for the light show. FYI, not every trees will change their colour in the light show, so find the most beautiful one haha. 

the OCBC skybridge, the supertree, and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. we planned to have the show on the skybridge but due to the storm it was closed. emo. 

one blur blur d view from the super tree during the show. it looks like stars~ 

and the supertrees on the another side near the dome. They are so beautiful!

After the show at 8.45pm,we rushed to the MRT to reach to the Singapore Flyer before it was closed at 10pm.
The look of the supertrees and the Singapore Flyer from the Dragonfly Bridge~ 

And at last, before say goodnight, the beautiful view from the Singapore Flyer~ with the supertrees groove and the beautiful dome. Goodbye Garden by the Bay, you are too beautiful to be described with words~ 

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