An evening on Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach located on the Sentosa Island, and it is very near to Skyline Luge so we decided to get there a visit after we had our adventurous jourey on Skyline Luge. If you know me well, you should know how I love beach so much although I cant swim ( hiak hiak). It was a hot evening that day, and since it was a random decision so we did not plan to get ourselves wet at the beach. 

How to get to Siloso Beach? we went there from Universal Studio Singapore, took the tram ( free of charge) from the waterfront station to Beach Station and walked there for around 10 minutes. Should come here in late evening but not hot evening coz the view was indeed beautiful. It might not the most beautiful beach but it showed its beauty in this busy little island. 

Me with the Siloso Beach. the weather really very hot ha it was not a joke. better get urself layers of sunblock haha

the typical beach view on the Siloso Beach, which will be transform into a party zone at late evening and night time. there are a lots of pubs on the beach. 

Siloso Beach in the evening. There were quite a lot of water sports activities available such as Banana Boat and Skim-boarding according to the books but I din see any that day. The beach was quiet and relaxing with less crowd and we can really immersed ourselves to full relaxation after a horrible ride from USS ( i guess I was the one had horrible ride with transformer haha) 

Typical beach view again with sunbathing!! the Caucasians love sunbathing but definitely not for us, we had enough of it throughout the year haha. We enjoyed the sea breeze on the beach and my fren and me decided to have a walk "in the sea" haha

my backside haha. Since the sea current was not that strong so I guess it was safe for swimming in the sea. But I did not plan to get wet so again I soaked my legs in the sea haha. The sea water was not crystal clear like the other islands but it was clean and we can spot some floating seaweeds in the sea sometimes. 

my fren is pretty right?? haha the two things behind were heads of someone else which photobomb this photo haha. As you can see from the photo background, there were some big ships far away~ this explained y the sea was not really crystal clear haha

Actually I have no idea why I love sea and beach so much. Just enjoy lah haha. 

A pretty lady walked on the beach while playing with the seawater. 

Where are the another 2 girls? well they wore sportshoes instead of slippers so they decided not to get near to the water. 

Let the water brush away all the stress and refresh my mind~ Finally a long holiday after stressful 6 months of posting. 

My profile picture on Facebook 
I think this photo is kinda sampat but it was funny haha. yea breaking the image but so what. the first line is my true wish that I really want to graduate smoothly and serve the people someday
the second one of coz just a joke la. don take it serious~ although I dreamed it sometimes that I can marry to a rich guy. well in fact, I prefer to be rich on my own. not only money but mentally and emotionally too. Travelling experience is one of the richest thing that I had compared to others

Our slippers on the beach~ the beach was aint white sandy too~ a bit chocolate actually but still, a nice place than the busy city 

Last photo before we left the beach and get back wild to USS again. Goodbye shadow and I will live in the bright side from now on. everyday is a new start so just wave happily to the sunshine!!

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