Flower Dome in Garden by the Bay~ A romantic meet with Tulip Mania

It is not easy to plan a trip honestly, especially when you went for a budget trip and most of the sites you wish to visit.... need money and entrance fees. After much discussion we decided to visit Flower dome and cloud forest in Garden by the Bay~ which I missed it out last year due to the price. Today I will share my experience in Flower Dome first~ which we loved it so much and spent more than an hour with the beauty of flowers~ 

The original price of flower dome and cloud forest is $28 ( for foreigners, we can only buy the package together, the PR and local Singaporean can choose either flower dome or cloud forest). We got a cheaper price at $18 ( we saved $10= almost RM26 per person) from Skyline Travel And Consulting PTE.LTD from Chinatown. Flower Dome is the world’s largest columnless greenhouse, the Conservatories’ glass sits on a steel grid that acts like an eggshell. 

And we were so lucky that day as Flower Dome in GBTB was having Tulip Mania event!!!
photo from google~

Following the hugely popular tulip display last year, Gardens by the Bay is proud to announce the return of Tulipmania!
Inspired by Madurodam, a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Netherlands, the centrepiece will depict Dutch canal scenes, houses and windmills set amidst spectacular blooms of tulips and hyacinths.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of these assorted tulip varieties and get to sample Dutch culture at our "Tulip Cheer" event featuring music and cheese! ~ from GBTB official webpage
From 14 April to 4 May 2014 in Flower Dome Garden by the Bay. Don miss it out!!

First view when we stepped into the flower dome. It was really impressive that Singapore able to build such a big green house with such a beautiful design!! We reached there around 6 in the evening due to heavy rain so the surrounding was a bit darker~ 

I forgot to go up to the highest point to take the overview photo of the dome which lagi beautiful and breathtaking == who can teach me a good photographing skill?

we were welcomed by a cute rabbit design~ 

lets take a group photo together ^^

Beauty with the flower~

getting excited to walk around~ saw this tree in Perth King's Park before but I could not recall its name ><

Thanks to the friendly Japanese who took the photo for us ^^ They decorated the walkway in the flower dome with different kinds of plants


and we love this walkway the most!! 杀死人的回眸一笑

they provided some seats to take photo with the flowers~ and we love this spot so much with the red and white flowers together 

It is sooo red~ 
the photo quality was quite dark as we went there quite late and it was raining outside. It looks better with sunny day~ 
So my suggestion: visit this place in the afternoon, as it is a indoor attraction 

playing hide and seek haha

never see such a big bunch of daisy before!! they are so beautiful!! 

Red flower with daisy~ 

Romantic walkway~ The flower dome was so clean and we cant spot any rubbish or even leaves on the ground. they really take good care of the dome to provide a comfortable environment for the visitors~ This is the attitude which our country lack of. 

and hence we reached the tulip mania region~ 
Tulip mania until 4th May from 9am till 9pm daily

and the tulips can be found anywhere!! OMG tis was the first time I had a close contact with tulips~ someday I will go to Netherlands for the real tulips mania~ and we proved that girls memang love flowers to the maximum!! 
The beautiful purple flowers with the small house~ the dimmed light and dark environment does not come out with a good photo >< 

And here it is!! Tulip tulip tulip~ 
In the language of flowers, Tulips are the symbol of passionate love.
I hope I will have one someday!!

me with the two landmarks of Netherlands~ the windmill and tulips~ 

whole field of tulips~ don you fell for it???
So people, if you cant travel to Netherlands for the real tulip mania, you can have a "warm up" first over here until 4th of May!

Yen with the moving windmill~ 

and Do not forget the roses too!! how can the roses miss their focus in the flower dome?? haha. 

How to get to Garden By the Bay?
take MRT to the Bayfront station ( BLUE or ORANGE line), and walk through the beautiful underground and pass through the dragonfly bridge. 
the outdoor garden is free for admission from 5am to 2am daily
stay tuned for next post about cloud forest and the musical light show in Garden by the Bay

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