Street Walk from Raffles to Suntech City

We had a very sweaty street walk in Singapore on the first day of arrival haha. Street walk is one of my favourite activities when I visited a new city especially during travelling. not a road trip, everything is by walking. Becoz by walking we can really experience the lifestyle of a city and enjoy the view of the city. Ya my frens don like it honestly ( haha i can sense that) so maybe I should have a solo street walk next time?? 

So we went to have a street walk along the marina bay after we went to Chinatown to settle our tickets. We had our startpoint from Raffles MRT station which is a financial centre with all the skycrapers, and end our journey at Suntech City ( Esplanade MRT) to have lunch and get a visit to the Fountain of Wealth. It was a big sunny day, nice view but sweaty. ( we had our bags along with us as it was not the time for check in yet) 

The skyscrapers at the Raffles station. this explain what is the difference btw a city and a financial centre.  

a very unique street decoration along the Battery Road. We nearly lost in this area as we were quite clueless to get the the main road until I saw Fullerton Hotel ^^

Here it is!! Fullerton Hotel, it was previously a general post office building, and currently it is a luxury five star hotel at the mouth of Singapore River. From its appearance, I know I don have the luck to have a stay in this hotel adi T..T 

So we crossed the road and continued our journey. They had very good underground to cross the road than risk our life to cross on the road. In the underground link there is some food stalls

And we reached the Merlion Park~ and also the new landmark of Singapore Marina Bay Sand Hotel. I visited it once ( visit not stay) and it is also a very luxury hotel with outstanding design. 

And we started to have fun with the Merlion statue haha, get some funny pose together with the merlion, show your creativity haha. 

and we had the " standing puppet" with Marina Bay Sand Hotel and "Lotus" the art science centre as the background. This place is beautiful in sunny day with the blue sky~ pure blue

1,2,3 say "jumping" at Marina Bay Singapore!!

then we crossed the Anderson Bridge which is near to Fullerton Hotel to get to Suntech City. this bridge is different from Cavenagh Bridge ( which I want to go initally), it is a vehicular bridge that spans across the Singapore River, built in 1910

A lovely old couple on the bridge~ aww how I look forward to have a life like tis when Im old  

view of the Singapore city from the bridge. see the Durian~ Esplanade? haha

A retro style photo of Yen with the bridge

we walked along the greenish and shady path to avoid from the sun. it is so refreshing from a hot and sweaty walk while resting under the trees. 

one of the memorial monument~ The former Indian National Army Monument~ but im not sure about the history becoz I was the tour guide of the trip. Last time I had a professional tour guide from " Let's Go Bike Singapore"

And the beautiful British Style fountain in our jouney. 
then we went down to the City Hall link mall to avoid from the sun and get to Suntech City. It took us about an hour for the whole journey on street walk. 
My suggestion:
  1. Get sunblock and enough water supply for the street walk. Although I know we can drink the tap water directly.... but I just cant persuade myself to drink it so I prefer to buy a big 1.5L mineral water ( $2.30) at 7-11 and share among my frens. 
  2. For beautiful daytime view, maybe can have the street walk around 9am so it was not so hot yet and can have lunch at Food Republic in Suntech before 11am. 
  3. There is a laser show at Merlion Park from Marina Bay Sands hotel at night. 

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