Sentosa Skyline Luge and Skyride

So this is the how the Sentosa Skyline Luge looks like~ 

And we are here at Sentosa Singapore! Besides the famous Universal Studio Singapore, we had our great time at Sentosa Skyline Luge with a totally different experience. Wish to try out this games since long time ago and here we did it! It is something like a "go-cart" but it is more challenging than a normal go cart because we had our starting point at the top of the hill and the end point is at the ground. And yes, we slide down haha. 
After a several exciting ride in USS, we decided to give our mind a break and go to Sentosa Skyline Luge before the rain. We exited USS ( don worry we can go in and out from USS for multiple times as long as we hold the ticket and get the chop from the exit point). We took the free monorail in Sentosa, from waterfront station ( USS) to Beach Station ( skyline luge and Siloso Beach) 

Here it is, the small little red monorail. 

Another photo with the cute little monorail hehe. We can enjoy the beautiful view of Sentosa too during the ride. 

Just about 5 mins walk from the monorail station and we reached the skyline luge. Yen was posing with the luge haha. For more information about the skyline luge and the price, please click the website
Again, we got the cheaper price from Chinatown with $9 with a single ride than the original price $15 which include the skyride and luge. And honestly, we felt that

Here is how it look at the end point when people "luge" to the downhill haha. 

Ok time to go, we took the skyride to reach the top of the hill. say cheese girls hehe. it was a big sunny day again haha. 

Groups photo of our shoes. 
Did you notice something? Yes they don have any platform for us to step on so our legs were hanging throughout the journey. For those who wear sport shoes, they have nothing to afraid of. But for me ( Im the blue slippers), I was so afraid that my shoes will slip away from my toes and drop into the forest! OMG it is so scary not becoz of the height but I had to make sure I "kepit" my slippers well. 

the look of the skyride. They have some safety net at some points, but not for the shoes haha. 

Before the ride, Let me take a selfie first with the Siloso Beach. Not sure what is the sea behind me haha.

The view of Siloso Beach and the sea from the highest point of the skyride. The sea was very busy with all kinds of ships huh. 

The Tiger Sky tower~ need money also to go up d. haiz.... everything need money here

we had our helmet on before we started our luge. And bags with us ( hold it in front) during the luge. Don worry it is really safe because they gave a very clear instruction and a brief "training" before we started the journey to make sure we clearly understood how to deal with it. we just need two simple steps: pull back to brake and push forward to accelerate, and control the handlebars right and left. 

Dont it sounds easy?? yes it is really easy. So just follow the instruction and don break the rules will just be fine haha. They have 2 tracks available: the dragon track and the jungle track. The dragon track is the new track. We took the winding jungle track that day and it felt so awesome to luge down with moderate speed!! haha. don luge too fast for safety reason

And trust me, you will never get satisfied with only one ride. 

The ticket counter near the skyride. We skipped the queue as we had the tickets with us adi. 

we did not took any photos during the luge as it was strictly prohibited. And the photos that they sold was really expensive == nvm, the good memories will always be in our mind right? haha 

The helmets together before we left to Siloso Beach~ 

Goodbye Skyline Luge!! I will be back again for u!! haha. 
MUST try it out at Sentosa! with no regret haha. 

lets enjoy the moment of skyline luge for one more time from this video! 

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