The 11th Malaysia International Halal Showcase ( MIHAS)~

This is the first day I finished my exam and I went out wild with my bestie haha. Today I went to the 11th Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) in KLCC ( Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) recommended by my fren. Seriously, if you were a food lover you should not miss this event! it was totally awesome with lots of variety food that you can try of!! The word HALAL represent that this event did not involve pork and alcohol, so it is safe for everyone to enjoy the showcase together ^^

How to register as a visitor for MIHAS?? Basically we just need an appropriate attire ( no short pants and slippers allow, and try to respect the event by not wearing singlet). We had a walk in interview at Hall 1 at KLCC and we get a visitor sticker for the pass ( becoz we are student?? haha). And what is the best point of this event?? It is FOC for registration and all the food trying haha. But actually this event also involve some sort of agricultural product but our focus was just on food haha. 

Selfie together before we entered the convention hall. SO excited to have our fabulous experience in the showcase hehe. 

Visitor sticker pass for the MIHAS. we must get the pass to enter the hall, just fill in a simple form outside the hall at the counter and the person in charge will give you the guide. 

FYI, they just served sample size food for the showcase. ( this is not food court centre haha). At first we thought that we might need a second lunch if we cant fill our tummy, but we were wrong!! we were so full and searching for the exit at the end of the showcase becoz there were too much food for us to try on and we felt very surprise and excited to try some foreign new food hehe. 

Chocolate that caught our eyesight hehe

Wow, so many people were lining up in front of the Thai Food booth. What happen? lets take a look.
FYI, the booth were divided by countries, such as Thai, Palestin, Malaysia, Chinese, South Africa, Arabia and more. 

The teacher of the green curry were busying preparing the ingredient and the green curry. We were so lucky to have the chance to taste the green curry here becoz they cooked at the limited session only. The green curry smelled so good and we were drooling our saliva that time. 

A closer look of the green curry. Doesnt it look so yummy? 

Finally it was ready to serve!! We had the green curry together with the roti canai instead of rice. It tasted so nice and it wasnt as spicy as I thought. Green curry is in my top favorite list among the food I tried today. 
Oh gosh I miss the green curry that I had 3 years ago in Hat Yai, finally I can have the chance to had it again here

Another nice smell attracted our attention ( since we were hungry). the person in charge was cooking the Thai noodle ( I think is Pad Thai??). just opposite the green curry booth
** seriously you should not miss out the green curry and the Thai noodle becoz they taste awesome!!

After 5 minutes we can had the Thai noodle together ^^ they were so generous to give a big portion compared to other booths haha. 

And they had Thai style sausage too ^^

enjoy the food lo haha. what is the difference of normal sausage and thai sausage?? it tasted a bit sour than normal sausage haha

And they have jeruk ( the dried fruit such as watermelon, kiwi, orange, whatever fruit that you can named it) 


the spicy toufu~ a new try hehe

The beautiful fruits craving beside the green curry booth. Impressive!!

the "ambassador" of the brown sugar ginger tea and honey ginger tea haha

Satay for beef and chicken ^^ 

The traditional Palestin food with olive oil and some beads. Not sure what was that haha, just a try

How could we missed out the ice cream???!!! I had white coffee and cheng had yam. 

The beautiful decoration for the honey drink booth

Granny's recipe Penang white curry instant noodle. The santan was quite thick in the soup. almost the same like the others

The "squeezing" yogurt like the ribena haha. they had 3 flavours: vanilla, blackcurrant and strawberry. This design is easy to bring along 

The chinese steamboat soup ingredient cube from China. 

The steamboat soup from China, which was herbal base from the plants ( i think is mushroom). the left red colour one is the spicy one and the right is the not spicy one. must try!!

The very crunchy croissant at the western booth ( this was dummy but they did serve the sample)

cheers for our friendship!!! Im so glad to have Cheng as my bestie from matriculation till university, may our friendship stay forever!!
** in the cup was sparkling juice, MUST TRY AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

the Taiwan section booth~ mostly on bioagricultural products

The Korean Citrus tea which taste like orange ( memang orange is citrus).

Love this decoration so much ^^ simple and refreshing. the tea was jelly based.  

The MUST TRY waffle from Erica. She got the waffle with ice cream yesterday and I got the plain waffle today. Y booth you over budget for second day is it T..T but the waffle was crunchy even it was plain haha

The outlook of the convention hall. This event involved about 3 convention halls, imagine how grand this even was. Of coz, there were so many booth that I did not take picture with such as Vit's noodle, mamee, maggie ( y all fast food), munchy etc. lots until you blur haha

The indonesia booth

Brunei booth with a very catchy colour for the design

The Korean Booth with the Korean Traditional Doll and they were so adorable!!

The Arabian corner ( which was so high class that I thought I was in one corner in KLIA)

The Penang Booth!!!! it looks like the new toll at the second Penang Bridge haha

Create your own drinking water brand hehe. giant water bottle

Wulewule South Africa ^^

So we spent around 2 hours in 3 convention halls and we were so full and exhausted. the last convention hall ( hall 5) were mostly Malaysia traditional food which we can get it easily in usual days so we did not really focus into it. The exit was at the hall 5, near to the Japan section ( got sakura yo) 

Sampat session with cheng with the denim advertisement at the walkway to KLCC haha

Beautiful KLCC park outside the convention centre~ take a deep breath and wipe away all the old memory that does not belong to me anymore~ and I have new happy memory hehe

Do we like MAHIS?? just look at this girl how happy she was haha. Cheng must happy like this everyday ya ^^

More information on MAHIS please refer to their website HERE
9-12 April 2014 ( SAT is the last day!)
10am till 7pm
entry for 18 years old and above only. 

How to reach to MAHIS at KLCC??
By Train
Take the Light Rail Transit (LRT), Kelana Jaya Line to KLCC station. Turn left after exiting the turnstiles and walk through the Suria KLCC shopping centre Concourse Level to the Centre Court. Turn left and make your way past Cold Storage to the Guardian Pharmacy where there is a walkway through to the Convention Centre. Take the elevator to the Ground Floor where you will be directed to the Registration area.

On Foot
From the Suria KLCC shopping centre Ground Floor centre court take the park exit into the KLCC Park and turn right. Follow the Esplanade along towards the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and then follow the path around the edge of the park towards the centre of the building and enter via the Park Entrance. 

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