About Love

quite a number of couple appears like mushroom around me for tis sem, well, most of them r quite shocking @.@
anyway, still bless them to have a blissful relationship together, as it is not easy to match 2 ppl from different world together
but, if u wish to be in a relationship, plz make sure tat u r really ready for it.
Don't hurt other ppl, as well as u
not trying to make any rumour here or to offend anyone
if u think tat he or she is urs, be brave, be more confident to get her or him
although u might be rejected by someone, but at least u give urself a try and u wont be sorry to urself
trust ur own opinion and ur own point of view, and believe to ur partner tat they are always right
if u depends too much on the rumour or opinion from others, u might get hurt at the last
but tis is depends on situation, depends on how close the fren u r with. sometimes, u might not as clear as the audience.... sometimes, u need to stop a while and judge ur relationship, don just trust ur partner blindly
someday, ur trust towards them will become the best sword to break ur heart

And the most important, if u wish to get some one, go to get it urself
it is not nice at all if u bring trouble to others life or u keep on disturb the ppl in surrounding
Be smart to handle a relationship if u wish it to be long- lasting
puppy love or monkey love is no longer suitable for a mature age group like us
no matter u r gay, lesbian or younger age
as long as u show ur sincerity to each other and they can feel it
it is more than enough than patterns to pikat someone
Give each other some privacy to breathe and rest,
some might put on a mask while face v u, n they might need some period of time to adapt themselves into tat mask, who knows?
N if u wish to stop the negative rumour about urself
then stop to be so high profile, then everyone will just fade off the memory from their mind and start another new topic
U cant blame the others for putting u as the target, ppl always need some entertainment to make the boring life more cheerful and colourful.

nitez nitez
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