my CNY with A1~nians

It has been a long long time I din update my bloggie. hehe too busy for it >< well have a new start fro 2013, quite nice, after a busy schedule for AMSA Health Day during 19 January ( and im the director of the event hehe), and im waiting for something special and exciting, CNY!!!
lol although im having study week as my CNY, so wat? life still need to go on, 舞照跳,马照跑, i don care much about it <<<< luckily i pass my exam successfully hehe

About CNY, of coz we got lotz of gathering with different group of frens. well i love my A1-nians frens the most ^^ 

Here are my girls~ 菡日天仙。 von von, alicia and vivian, haha my 同桌 in my high skul life. and we had a blog tat time, which was blocked by someone now. or i can say, hacked by someone. lol dunno who is tat. since vivian is in Russia now, and we cant reunion during tis CNY. Alicia is going to UK v her boy during sept tis year too >< huhu left me n von von here onli.

 and next, we got a grand gathering during CNY in zero celcius!! lol actually the gathering should be in Chatime, but unfortunately we were too noisy + not enuf seat, so we changed our location where we can have fun to the maximum. surprisingly zhang xuan was attending the gathering too!! haha there were almost 20 of us there, and we celebrated Mr.Bamboo birthday together too tat day. such a wonderful time to relieve stress after a whole day study. 

 well Mr bamboo wore a shirt with ALL I WANT IS YOU, so we assumed tat the ppl he want is actually Mr zhang xuan XD 

 She, Miss goo is my best fren during my high skul time until now, just visited her for her internship in wangsa maju, life is not easy girl!! im so proud of her, she is the best and strongest survivor that i have met so far. all the best to you my darling <3 nbsp="" p="">

And this is the pokemon rocket team from feididi cian yi and sio sio. feididi was so rocker style that day. well usually she love to wear skirt but i dunno why that day she changed her style into rocker haha. my besties forever hehe

The gathering was continued in hui ping house for the gamble, but i had to leave coz i need to study >< ishhh i hate u so much final exam. But for the next morning i had a breakfast gathering with my 闺蜜, miss alicia, miss eevon and mr bamboo teh (闺兄,his special request =_=). then we become the 感情专家 for mr bamboo, hope that he is alright now, read about his blog just now, not so good. the other girls yo long time din update their bloggie also, cannot stalk ppl XD

Conclusion: all of my frens especially girls become so pretty and photogenic nowadays, so jealous!! and the guys, arrr not much change la, still like usual lol
and last, 四周年毕业快乐, 疯狂的一班 =))
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