MBK Thailand shopping paradise!!!

Hey there, I just came back from Bangkok yesterday and I cant wait to share my experience for SIMIC competition in Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok! Before I edit my photos, I want to share something about shopping in the city of angels~ Bangkok first ^^ weeee

I was told by my Thailand friends that MBK shopping center got a lot of cheap things and nice ipad case, so without a second thought me and my teammate went there for twice in 2 days time. Beside MBK, Platinum and Siam Paragon just within a walking distance, but we only managed to visit to MBK because of time constrain. 

Thanks to my team for playing poker cards and chor dai di the whole day before the competition, we lost the match, badly in the early revival round. Since we dont wish to spend so much time to wait for the semifinal and final round, 4 of us just went out for a short shopping in MBK, we went there via taxi, and the taxi fare was very cheap!! cost us around 100 baht/ RM10 for a 40 mins ride. 

This is one of the view at the ground floor of the shopping mall. They provided a shopping map for us and we can buy anything easily here. It is really huge enough until we need to spend an hour per floor. There are a lot of clothes, shoes, handbags, souvenirs, i-pad and handphone case ( at 4th floor) until I totally lost my control muahahaha. 

Before we started our shopping trip, we had our lunch in a Thai style restaurant first at the ground floor. It is a pork restaurant, and this is the menu of our lunch. My friend said their coffee tasted too sweet, while my ice lemon tea tasted like drugs, not so nice ><

Here is my lunch with rice in love shape, so cute!!! 

I ordered wrongly for my lunch, I thought it was tom yam gong with noodles, mana tau they only served with tom yam gong and I had to ordered another plate of white rice for it. Compare to the dinner i had yesterday, the tom yam gong not very nice lo. but got a lot of shrimp inside haha. 
In total, tis lunch cost me 141 baht/ around RM14 for a tom yam gong, a plate of rice and a glass of ice lemon tea. They do not have the service and government tax, you can give them the tips based on ur favorite =)

Since we were rushing to attend the closing ceremony on the third day, we went to MBK again on the last day morning in Thailand. Photo sessions =))
It looks like Berjaya Times Square for me, while Siam Paragon as Pavilion. I'm a poor student so i always choose for the cheaper one haha

Me in the center of the shopping area. They got a lot of flying over bridge! 

Our way to MBK shopping mall hehe =))

And these are the things I bought from MBK shopping mall and 7-11. they got a lot of 7-11 shops there!! And I ate a lot of footlong cheese sausage and tomyam cup noodles for supper lo hahaha.

 Here area the list of the things that I bought in Thailand:
  1.  an i-pad case for my sister in cartoon ( 480 baht)
  2.  a lot of tau-ke-neo seaweed ( i forgot how many of them)
  3.  a couple pillow case for my boy as his bday present hehe ( 380 baht)
  4.  a spongebob umbrella for myself ( 100 baht)~ yes i love spongebob so much haha
  5. a galaxy note 2 case  for myself too ( 200 baht)
  6. a lot of cards ( total 227 baht), the biggest vampire with love is my boy's bday card, then another 2 for my good frens yen and cheng, a note pad for fanta, bookmark for lok yee, and the rest bear bear for the other frens
  7. a tut tut shirt for myself ( 100 baht) hehe
  8. a SIMIC logo tee ( 200 baht) i wore it on the last day of the event!!
  9. a London style bag for myself, which is not in the pic ( 200 baht)
  10. 3 groups of key chains as souvenirs ( 5 key chains per group, 100 baht per group)
well it is not done yet!! muahahaha i still buy some present as my senior and my boy's convo present haha

  • 2 big convo cards, included in the 227 baht, the girl one is for my buddy yee ling, and the boy one is for my boy ^^ so cute neh
  • the middle small convo card for my sis, as she graduated last year and going to get her SPM result soon. wish her all the best haha
  • And yes, a black colour i-pad smart cover case for my boy, lol i bought a lot of things for him. ( 450 baht, another shop offered me at 400 baht, I'm so regret!!!)

Last but not least, alcohol beverage in Thailand!! How can I miss it out when it is so cheap at 53 baht per bottle in 7-11 store?? I drank tis Breeze before when i was in Hat yai, 4 bottles in total with my friends ( share share drink when we gamble). I drank 2 bottles of Breeze when im in Bangkok, not in a day =pp 5% of alcohol, and my frens laughed me that i'm addicted to it. nice!!! But im not drunk ya haha. 

Good night world, going to update my SIMIC trip tomoro =)) Nice day nice dream

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