UPM life part 6~ AMSA the life of love

Who's said Medic student life is very lifeless?? ( yalar i admit it if compared to other courses, thanks to the heavy load with homework, study and endless assessments!!)

Well as a medical student, we should not just focus on study but also community service too, start to serve the community since your study life. Tis is a quote from my doctor, i forgot which doctor already @.@

And Yes, I totally agree with it =) and hence, i joined Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) Malaysia, UPM since first year 2nd sem to expose myself to some community service. and yes, it is really fun. AMSA UPM organised several programs before such as MIVG, AMSA old folk house visit and the latest~ AMSA Health Day 2013 =))

I was selected as the director for AMSA Health Day 2013 under the board of public health committee, thank to the AMSA UPM president so much ==. Well it is totally not easy to run an event!! Honestly, too much pressure i had to handle with the outsiders. Under this event, we broke 2 collaboration ( yeah, cool right, not good at all, affect our image quite much actually)
1st collaboration with UKM AMSA was terminated as UKM was busy with the preparation of AMSEC event. 
2nd collaboration with JKKK Kg.Semarang was terminated by FPSK UPM due to political issue. the JKKK invites politicians as the VIP of the event, i nearly got heart attack when i heard the news and we cant handle it well, ( he kept on mentioning we are student and we do not have enough qualification to talk to him, ishh) so we seek help from faculty. such a horrible experience!!

And last, the PIBG SJK(C) Jenjarom, also the last collaboration partner for the event. Thanks to ping an for the help a lot to make the event success =))

Overall, we prepared the event for 2 months time, started our first meeting since November 2013. yes that time actually most of the committee were involved in the Medic Night preparation too. Pressure overwhelmed!! I nearly fell into depression that time, LOL

But thanks God and the co-operation from all the parties, we organised the event smoothly, although not very successfully, but we were proud of ourselves! this is the first community service program organised by AMSA UPM =)) Look forward for our improvement in future ^^

The event hold on 19th January 2013, in activity center SJK(C) Jenjarom. since the event started at 9am, the committees and helpers departed from UPM Serdang at 7am sharp with 2 buses and all the gadgets =)
The activities involved for this event included : 
  • Clinical booth and Health check consultation from medical doctors UPM
  • Health talk session by Dr.Cheah Pike See and 2nd year medical students
  • Colouring competition
  • Health Awareness games session
  • Exhibition booth

In overall, the event involved more than 100 students from 1st and 2nd year medical students =)
**all the pictures were taken by Alfred 

The banner of the event. with the theme of Home Health Care, where we take care about the health care in the house and prevention of chronic diseases among the community.

The committees were busying for the preparation, such as decorating the activity center, arranging the chairs, tables and exhibition boards. Really Thanks a lot for their help ^^ They contributed and at the same time, sacrificed a lot for the event.

the programmer team arranged the posters on the exhibition boards to expose more health care information to the public such as Hepatitis B, Dengue Fever and Ischemic Heart Disease. 

9am sharp, we started our opening ceremony for the event. Spotted me? yeah I'm the girl sitting in between the guys. beside me is the president of AMSA UPM~ Wing liong. lol he is a very funny and helpful guy. 
**Dr Cheah looked stunning as usual that day haha. She is the advisor for AMSA UPM, a very dedicated lecturer, we all love her so much

The MC~ Kesh Kesh was memorizing her script. Haha Kesh you are the best MC of the world 

After the opening ceremony with a lot of speeches 0.o luckily the programmer prepare the speech script for me already, in BM!! Lo, I realised how suck my Malay is in this event, and i kena shoot by my boyfriend for the poor language usage. huhuhuhu

And the all the activities of the event started!! 

The most important session of the day~ Clinical booth and free health check up from medical doctors to the public. Yes, it was totally Free Of Charge (FOC). We invited Dr.Ching, Dr.Ooi, Dr.Herni and Dr.Huda for the consultation. and there were 46 students involved for clinical booth. 

The clinical booth provided were:
  • vital sign checking : body temperature, visual check and breathing rate
  • pulse rate and blood pressure checking
  • BMI, body fat distribution,waist circumference and biological age ( well tis is interesting )
  • Blood glucose checking
  • Spiro-meter test for the lung function test ( special thanks to Dr.Ching and Dr.Ooi for the training)

The vice director Alfred demonstrated the real technique on how to measure the blood pressure with correct cuffing and not over clothing, heart level with the hand level

The spirometer test, 1,2,3, blow!!! That small small machine costs around RM4000++ so scary!! This test was one of the most popular test in the event that day. Why we are doing tis test? to detect the prevalence cases for COPD hehe 

Blood glucose test, the invasive test! ouchhh painful if you don handle it well hehe.  and the committees wore gloves for protection. yeah we all followed the rules strictly. 

Dr.Ooi was explaining the health check report to the public. She is a very helpful doctor, i like her very much 

The most popular doctor of the day~ Dr Ching from family medicine. She really taught us a lot about research and how to conduct the test efficiently. Thank you doctor =))

To control the crowd of children..... Yes it is a must since we organised the event in a primary school, we had a colouring competition for them. And we got a very good support from them too 

the drawing competition was hold in the canteen of the school, good ventilation and spacious. There was about 100 students joining the competition. They were cute when they were quiet haha

Kok Onn with the primary student at the exhibition booth. the kid was holding a model of kidney organs and the structures related to it. We imported the models from the medical museum in FPSK UPM. So the children in the school will love science and motivate them to become a doctor too in future hehe =)

The children get excited with the heart model. CVS!! one of the most scariest system in the syllabus beside CNS and musculoskeletal system, one of the killer subject  

Games session with the kids, they seem enjoyed it. but my committees said they jaga the kids until they wished to shout for help. These kids were totally out of control!! 
gonna faint when they ran here and there in front of me, and i asked Eric and janice to lead them to have some dance session to get their attraction. 

The kids were playing the games with colour blinding testing~ cute <3 nbsp="" p="">
Dr.Cheah with Alzheimer health talk session. She is a neurology scientist in UPM together with her husband, Dr.Micheal, as a gene expression scientist. And she really get the attractions from the public thru her awesome lecture. 

CPR session by 2nd year medical student with qualified Basic life support certificate~ Patrica, kok onn and najwa, delivered the health talk in 3 languages. it is very important to know at least something about CPR for emergency. you can save a life if you did it correctly. 

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