Damai Beach Resort ^^ 无法形容你的美,达迈海滩

Well, continue from my Kuching Trip to Sarawak Cultural Village, we walked to the central park for food and get the shortcut to reach the hotel that we were going to stay overnight~ DAMAI BEACH RESORT woohoo!! it was just a walking distance apart so we decided to leave our lovely 小蓝 at the carpark in front the cultural village. 
Damai Beach Resort is so rich enough that it bought the most beautiful beach in the Santubong, we were so excited to have a night with it so we booked the hotel 4 months ago with AGODA. But the price for the restaurant is so expensive until we @.@!!! 

the inferior design of the baruk suite =)) super pretty hehe. very culture look. but it was so expensive, cost around RM800!! 
well we were lucky, thanks to AGODA technical problem, we got it 4 hours in the room for? FREE!! hehe. Actually we booked for the seaview deluxe room at RM329. if we wish to stay in this room, it costs us extra Rm300++ 
 the room was really superb, except the beautiful balcony, it got Jacuzzi in the bathroom too!! too bad we dunno jow to use it, so we cant really enjoy it >~< tis is the most luxurious hotel that I stay beside the South Africa 酒庄酒店, awesome! rated 9/10 for it.  

The only part not nice for it is the transport problem. since it is located at the hilltop it is quite troublesome, you need the shuttle service to get down to the lobby or restaurant. The walking distance is a bit too far and too slope for me, LOL reasons for lazy people =P

There are 6 types of rooms in the hotel, divided into the seaside and the hilltop. obviously the hilltop is more expensive due to the awesome view and fabulous design. 
the seaside got garden, poolside and chalet; while the hilltop got seaview deluxe, baruk suite and iban longhouse suite. Each room is big enuf and can have maximum 4 ppl in a room each. **but for me 6 ppl is the most ideal one haha

The view from the balcony of the seaview deluxe, well it was much better than the baruk suite actually, maybe becoz the room that we stayed were blocked by the pokok ru TT 

since the wave was very big with high tide, we canceled our plan to have a sunset beach walk. In the lobby there is a tourism agency named Matahari agency, which they provided service for dolphin watch!! I love it so much when I traveled to Bali. But too bad, they only start the tour from April due to the high tide ( monsoon season)

So we spent our evening in the swimming pool at the hilltop! there are 2 swimming pools in the resort, one is at hiltop another is at the seaside. the hilltop swimming pool has more privacy and less people so we fully enjoyed it. strict to the rules you cant wear t-shirt into the pool. but Singlet is allowed, wat a funny law XD

The next early morning, me and my frens went down for the breakfast buffet. while waiting for the shuttle we took a lot of picture of the resort. Here is the most expensive room in the resort, the iban longhouse suite. 

The breakfast is as usual as the other hotels, just that got more pattern which combine the bread, the egg and the bacons ( my beloved bacon!!) and there is an egg corner too, which i discover it very late =.= 

After we had our breakfast, then we went for the beach walk in the morning, totally different view as at the night ^^ 
When we reached the beach, I'm totally stunned!! words that i wish to describe the beauty of the beach is totally endless, 壮观,宏伟,漂亮!! just within one second both of us fall in love with the beach ( yes, until now). It was a low tide in the morning =))

Seriously I never such a beautiful beaches although i went for a lot of places for travelling such as Bali ^^, Penang ( my hometown, i cant see the long beaches anymore TT), Japan and China. South Africa i din went for the beaches huhu

天海一线,美啊!靓啊! 水啊! 
morning view of the Damai Beach. i rate it as 10/10!! perfect spot for a beach walk in the morning. the sands on the beaches were so soft as they were touching your foot gently, yaya we were bare food that time. And they are very white too!! unpolluted beach =)) The resort took care of the beach well. 
If I'm not wrong, visitors need to pay for RM3 for the beach visit hehe. 

the real face of Baruk Suite, isnt it nice?? the lower floor is a kitchen and some chair for chit chat at night while enjoying the seaview ^^

The art of the wave <3 p="">
Another view from the beach, 一个随便乱拍都很美的地方,不需要太先进的仪器,也可以把她的美,深深地烙印在大家的脑海里。
My fren said it is totally a waste if we did not visit to Damai Beach when we come to Kuching, Yes it is real, i super support!!


波光粼粼的海水和一层层的沙滩,超级完美的杰作<3 nbsp="" p="">
actually i took around 100 photos about damai beach, but i cant upload every of it here, so i just upload those i love the most ^^ 
OMG i really love tis place!! 

lai lai lai, for sure need to write something on the beach as the memory d. C.2.6 is my hostel no, haha don intrude my room @.@ well i wish everyone in the house were there too, but only 4 of us were in the trip, sad jor, emo jor. next time must go somewhere else in a very big gang!!

The view of the hotel from the lobby, yes seaview deluxe room is awesome too!!

The view of the hilltop swimming pool. I share tis to my bi, and he said he wish to swim in this beautiful pool, but he dowan to bring me there huhuu TT 
Although i dunno how to swim, but i love to soak myself in the pool. Refreshing while enjoying the nice view 

View of the beach and the Mount Santubong from the edge of the swimming pool, the designer of this resort is too good to full-use the beautiful beach view ^^

Then we checked out from the hotel around 11.30am as we needed go back to Kuching before we continue our trip to Semenggoh wildlife center and Jong's Crocodile in the evening. 

We decided to walk to the central park along the beautiful beach, and we discovered something very pretty on the beach!!!
Here it is, the small river on the beach!!!

haha 这趟旅程还真的得爬山涉水啊,不过那么美丽的风景,那么清亮的小溪,我甘愿!! 
so in order to walk for shortcut we decided to cross the river. the river water was very fresh enuf ^^ and very clean, no worries
Before the trip, i had read thru some articles and blogs, but no one mention about this little river before strongly recommended to have a walk on it, but plz plz plz do not litter =) it is very clean and beautiful, love our nature ^^

My fren said this place is too pretty until she don wish to move away from it. actually not only her, me too!! >~< I love the sea

found tis unique and beautiful but I'm not sure wat is it. I read some blogs before they said tis is the art from the crabs but i still don get it. Can found it along the beach side, there are a lot of it during the low tide ^^

here is the place where we were heading to, a spot view for the beach. saw the red flag? ya it meant for dangerous, but for the last evening as it was high tide and they warned the tourist to keep away from the beach. 
There are 2 path which connect the central park with the resort. For me i love the beach walk ^^ rather than the bushes shortcut although it is shorter hehe

Finally, say goodbye to Santubong, The beautiful Damai Beach and also the grand Damai Beach Resort. truly love the sky, the sea and also the beach view here. You cant buy it with money but you can pay it with money!! haha

**Stay tuned for updates tomoro about Semenggoh Wildlife Center for orang utans and Jong's Crocodile farm ^^  Goodnight world

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